[Debian-med-packaging] Brocken Git archive libshark (Was: [libshark] branch upstream created (now 260213b))

Andreas Tille andreas at an3as.eu
Mon Feb 9 08:37:36 UTC 2015

Hi Goswin,

I tried to clone the repository recently commited by you:

$ gbp-clone git://git.debian.org/git/debian-med/libshark.git
warning: remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref, unable to checkout.
Branch upstream set up to track remote branch upstream from origin.
error: pathspec 'master' did not match any file(s) known to git.
gbp:error: Couldn't run git checkout: git returned 1

I wonder what might went wrong here


On Fri, Feb 06, 2015 at 11:55:47AM +0000, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script.
> goswin-guest pushed a change to branch upstream
> in repository libshark.
>         at  260213b   removed old csv interface, killed warning in IHR?
> This branch includes the following new commits:
>        new  4bcefd7   Moved actual library to trunk.
>        new  fccf3de   new solver structure for the Crammer&Singer SVM
>        new  ceedcd9   new multi-class SVMs up and running!
>        new  35af980   Added alternative ctor that can consider only a subset of columns of the input data. re-committed b/c of new repo path.
>        new  e12f6af   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@587 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  897a669   ASSERT macro fixed (puh!)
>        new  df4d3af   current libsvm versions also support multi-class files: small update to libsvm saver
>        new  78b5d44   also update libsvm saver from 0-based to 1-based class and feature indices
>        new  7828325   added loadLIBSVM, and updated SaveLIBSVM for consistency
>        new  1ed23cd   Various Dataset constructors converted into Create... methods
>        new  2b97c04   Dataset syntax updated in all ReClaM tutorials
>        new  53a7128   minor adaptations to new constructor layout, and 2 small label conversion utilities
>        new  217a6af   Fixed one of the ugliest bugs ever, of course, related to shrinking in multi-class SVM training. puh...
>        new  6e4b50f   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@599 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  99d1cc2   tiny adjustments, for overall consistency of dataset handling
>        new  9d8dfab   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@601 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  df9ce32   fixed a bug in CMACMap
>        new  30e804f   fixed the derivative of AffineLinearFunction
>        new  eb3377f   new dataset interface
>        new  14652ed   bit fancier
>        new  3fabfeb   for music paper
>        new  50dd2b6   fixed a tiny bug in libsvm-reader
>        new  56a0abb   bug fixed in QuadraticProgram - finally!
>        new  bb0b5e7   fixed again derivatives of linear Models. Didn't work for more than 1 output
>        new  a4d0279   changed libname from Shark to shark
>        new  4df190b   Reverted changes to CMakeFiles.
>        new  72a3a30   outputDimension = target.dim(1); needed for derived classes
>        new  a1ade6f   for ESANN paper
>        new  d69827d   new Dataset class, not tested
>        new  2f2140a   [Shark trunk] Preparations and corrections for inclusion in debian.
>        new  ee9cb48   FIXED: Compile-bug in CrossEntropy.
>        new  37a5b67   beta version of epoch-based crammer-singer solver
>        new  3807fa3   [Shark] REMOVED: XML parser with incompatible license. REMOVED: Debian block in copyright statement.
>        new  1b96801   [Shark] Fixed copyright issues.
>        new  36b626c   Why are the QWT people change their API more frequently than Felix Magath the team lineup?
>        new  a3280b5   new g++ smiles again
>        new  bbb0b82   added an example for FisherLDA
>        new  bdfa656   [Shark] FIXED: Bug in RMMEDA unit test. FIXED: Renamed method rank to sym_rank in order to avoid name clashes with std::tr1::rank.
>        new  431beaa   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@664 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  083f662   [QuadraticProgram] Removed reference to std::tr1::unordered_set.
>        new  5f99b73   SVMregression example repaired
>        new  e071763   fixed derivative of Softmax - the derivative should not be input(j)*t but input(i)*t
>        new  28dfdf4   fixed ROC crashes.
>        new  615bf50   skeleton for multi class svm approximation
>        new  4d4ebf9   changes for multi-class svm approximation
>        new  2463e61   removed "false" parameter in resize after warning on Linux
>        new  9848f01   error function for McSvmApproximation
>        new  8d88b6c   minor changes in FisherLDA
>        new  2030717   changes for McSvmApproximation
>        new  abdefe7   McSvmApproximation
>        new  cd630e6   also add a flush after each verbosity-2 output
>        new  4fac1d8   index shift
>        new  5c6786a   numerical problems in QP solver fixed
>        new  e5daf72   bugfix die Zweite
>        new  86a41a2   true positive rate added
>        new  c195bab   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@774 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  2010fc2   - split all solvers into sub-files: QuadraticProgram.h now only includes all solver headers - added sparse kernel function (which owns its own sparse data) - added Utilities file, including SvmStatesCollection which can be used to i.e. later examine intermediate solver/svm states - further modifications of the ebcs machine
>        new  5ea4e1d   forgot to remove now-oblivious QuadraticProgram.cpp
>        new  871fc05   added documentation
>        new  a43933d   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@793 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  6277293   implemented ci's suggestion: remove stochastic component in cicl-target-noof-hits determination
>        new  181e1e8   balanced sampling for multiple classes
>        new  b472197   balanced sampling for multiple classes
>        new  d186fe0   - added some overdue ignores - made an attempt in windows cross-compatibility - fixed dynamic allocation for SvmStatesCollection
>        new  d0c757e   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@829 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  78fdc9f   conversion to one hot
>        new  284bd7c   typos in doxygen
>        new  7304ab7   corrected typos
>        new  4697eac   a second attempt in win-compatibility
>        new  64f9599   finalized the wall-clock timer cross-platform issue
>        new  d7f7559   Preparations for bugfix release 2.3.3.
>        new  82c9cd4   [Shark2] Reworked the CMake setup.
>        new  b59849c   [Shark2] REMOVED: Old cmake directory.
>        new  e7777db   [Shark2] FIXED: Cleaned up the whole shark cmake setup.
>        new  54fe796   [Shark2] ADDED: #define NOMINMAX to prevent generation of min and max macros polluting the global namespace on windows.
>        new  56eb3bc   small fix for documentation parser
>        new  ce85315   [Utilities] FIXED: Compilation error for wall-clock timer under Mac OSX.
>        new  921d5b2   small fix for documentation parser
>        new  08312dd   fixed my editor going whitespace-rampage
>        new  bce9082   added ignores for example executables now generated in new place
>        new  ea67d92   [Utilities] Fixed preprocessor macros
>        new  5763602   [Utilities.h] Mac OSX does not support cstdint, switched to stdint.h.
>        new  1450c40   [Shark2] FIXED: rt is not required on osx.
>        new  518c0eb   [Shark2] UNIX AND NOT APPLE.
>        new  6e4fd6d   [Shark 2.3.4] Adjusted patch version in CMakeLists.txt
>        new  eaf600f   1 -> old tiny change for corrupt libsvm format as e.g. present in lasvm data 2 -> modified qt classification example to allow for true svg output (except the boundary and margin, ask for inkscape cookbook per mail if needed)
>        new  c02b447   - incorporated jan's copy constructor and = operator - added some ignores
>        new  5073459   [Shark 2]FIXED: crowdedDistance now calls crowdingDistance internally.
>        new  2629727   messy code backup of mulit-class svm approximation (not working yet)
>        new  047c08f   much cleaner code for multi-class svm approximation (still not working)
>        new  82cbb5b   added a few ignores
>        new  548e3d9   small bugfix for McSvm operator=, found and requested by the RTCV group
>        new  0678834   Fixed an issue with the overmars-yap hanging in certain corner-cases.
>        new  0cd2d9e   added new qt flag
>        new  72115fd   fixed compilation issues with gcc 4.7.0 also fixed bugid 3554077
>        new  e30815e   moved trunk to tags and removed outdated shark2 version
>        new  f90dd81   moved batch branch to trunk
>        new  305e111   up
>        new  e5cbe4b   renamed split again to splitAtElement
>        new  f2cc115   tiny docs
>        new  184e192   up
>        new  e20f882   output compiler
>        new  bc3bd84   CI first reading
>        new  2580755   up
>        new  20e8ee6   up
>        new  c024630   up
>        new  ab8d6f3   up
>        new  f4ab2b8   up
>        new  54a798a   revised, CI
>        new  b1eb758   up
>        new  7f3e8fd   up
>        new  46346b7   up
>        new  32affa6   bug in linear SVM solver fixed, THANKS, OSWIN!!!
>        new  393b8ea   removed unused typedef
>        new  dd96f69   small updates
>        new  95291fa   up
>        new  79f83cb   up
>        new  8167bf4   small revision of tutorial text
>        new  dddd39c   updated data interface
>        new  fd13f36   up
>        new  46d27c6   fixd dumb bug.
>        new  49777d4   restructured tutorials
>        new  babee57   fixd intentation
>        new  6f134d2   tried to remove todos
>        new  b5bf3ec   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@2612 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  927f03c   - small typos - enable use of conf.py.in with python3
>        new  96cc825   RBM-Doku
>        new  8294c6f   up
>        new  1216a63   error corrected and RBM-doku
>        new  823bfb3   RBM-doku
>        new  c29a2d7   stray characters removed
>        new  806576c   removed doxylink as contributed software, now leaving its installation as responsibility to the user. updated docs accordingly. cleaned up conf.py.in.
>        new  d600574   hopfully fixd pca bug
>        new  7efc12f   forgot lines in CMakeLists.txt
>        new  3576092   RBM-DOKU
>        new  dc11204   https -> svn
>        new  dea69b7   RBM-DOKU
>        new  9338ece   fixed PCA and addd a new test case
>        new  d8f4ee4   fixed bug in CART trainer, I asked Kasper to check it
>        new  623fe1d   sucssfully updated the first part of the dataset tutorial
>        new  ad890aa   changed https to svn
>        new  7946840   doku
>        new  0b91018   up
>        new  42fb44c   tiny revision
>        new  8a15bb9   reordered CMakeLists.txt a bit and splittet into tree parts
>        new  2f693c9   link corrected
>        new  477dd02   removed dataset constructor, added free function instead
>        new  7e2c358   Data distribution split into supervised and unsupervised cases, one class SVM example added.
>        new  ee4923e   fixed clustering bug
>        new  fd804f7   forgot one file, sorry!
>        new  0c18c97   fixed a small bug in splitAtElement and got serialization to work
>        new  98b659c   updated documentation
>        new  a145d90   further cleanup of data docs
>        new  8e5d65e   updated elm tutorial
>        new  3b0dac8   bug corrected, derivative threshhold was missing an entry for the regularization parameter
>        new  ee6161d   changed LibSVM Test a bitbefore new parser is integrated
>        new  4c19738   adjusted for new datset interface (hopefully correctly)
>        new  dcd80ad   updatd Libsvm parser and fixed a bug regarding dense vector proxies
>        new  cb38cc1   fixed problem that sparse matrix rows are always copied when arguments for kernel::eval. huge speedup for sparse-SVMs
>        new  3c39d71   better parameter check
>        new  a9091e0   comments only
>        new  cea44ce   Network component moved and replaced. This is still a stub, not nearly operational. Hang on :)
>        new  3503889   changed problematic output from examples to cout also other small fixes
>        new  8493c03   fixd bug regarding swap of elements
>        new  57a8429   just another stub
>        new  a2206b7   web server component moved (again)
>        new  798501d   small fix for clang 3.1
>        new  2aec901   updated shark packaging for cmake
>        new  f8eaee0   fixed small bug in cmake file
>        new  668597d   tested basic kernel matrices
>        new  35e4f91   fixed compile error on some compiler
>        new  01103b5   enabld multithreadd error functions...yay
>        new  faca00f   small improvements of documentation
>        new  36b9bdb   typos corrected
>        new  13b0daf   fixed compile error and a few warning on MSVC
>        new  2c3ce49   fixed small configuration bug in FisherLDA
>        new  1dcad3e   fixed OpenMP on MSVC10
>        new  dfef320   up
>        new  a8d1852   incorporated better box constraint handling mechanism and cleand up DirectSearch a bit
>        new  d5d7ab9   : -> ::
>        new  efe9ce2   forgot a file
>        new  fb45f6c   added softMembership to LinearClassifier
>        new  ad89815   comments updated
>        new  8c66990   new tutorial on how to write a kernel function
>        new  4e70f7f   typos corrected
>        new  964ce6d   made a function "const"
>        new  1312d5e   up
>        new  8645ab8   applied small optimisation to the kernel matrix such that we now use the direct iterators to the elements instead of the dataset iterators. good improvement in performance as a result
>        new  3d069da   fixed Bug in Matrix-Proxy and Benchmark test
>        new  319325b   typos
>        new  35ae03e   preliminary version of LASSO regression, still will compile errors, don't add to build system yet!
>        new  2501ce3   fixed compile error in Lasso
>        new  b8b6e36   LASSO regression, now fully operational. And lightning fast :)
>        new  3bac87e   allowed parsing class labels 1.0000 for LibSVM import
>        new  6ee05a2   corrected size() and element() for batch
>        new  76418e9   corrected size() and element() for batch
>        new  529cfcf   added svn protocol
>        new  1626848   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@2688 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  6f191ec   RBM-Doki
>        new  f48db84   RBM-Doku
>        new  2fda144   slight changes to LRUCache
>        new  2dfe584   wrote tutorial about writing objective functions, took the chance to chang the interface again. should be working. also update objective function tutorial
>        new  ee9c8a1   rm errors/warnings under Ubuntu
>        new  d2b6c66   moved slow to compile libsvm importer in library
>        new  4a56296   experimentation with failing unit test
>        new  27654b5   included LBFGS Algorithm
>        new  f972c55   included LBFGS Algorithm
>        new  8b30c5f   fixed broken build
>        new  548a27e   corrected \file
>        new  a327f8b   updated bounds
>        new  45a7e3a   editorial changes to the excellent tutorials
>        new  307ac9d   editorial changes
>        new  d7a6884   LOTS of changes, due to (*) new default implementations of interface functions, (*) changed INameable::name interface Testing done: everything compiles in debug and release               and no (new) unit tests fail.
>        new  2aab85b   up
>        new  b711cf1   removed some warnings under Ubuntu / init order, size_t
>        new  ab88270   test writes number of iterations
>        new  52024a1   up
>        new  2b85ad9   corrected docu rangedSubset(...)
>        new  38ff647   distance -> distanceSqr
>        new  a29b90a   merged the new binary svm solver
>        new  21fa86e   changes in file headers only
>        new  33ca6d8   nothing serious :)
>        new  0a69865   tree nearest neighbors bug fixed
>        new  e868714   must be tested, documented, etc.
>        new  cb4ba1c   was double
>        new  dee8614   repaired
>        new  eee97aa   corrected wrong initial ifndef
>        new  23f0e2d   fixed ugly bug in KMeans
>        new  8ec834f   fixed warning in new Svm solver
>        new  7020eba   tested CachedMatrix and found a small bug :(
>        new  5398e62   partially fixed performance issue in LinearModel with sparse arguments. it is now working for the McSvm-Case (dense output, sparse input)
>        new  cff2968   kernel regression unit test improved and split into epsilon-SVM-trainer and regularization-network; added unit test for one-class-SVM
>        new  85f40b5   imcomplete xNES implementation removed
>        new  7c05f3a   typo
>        new  3e9c9cf   removed resize()
>        new  1d03a13   fix provided by Craig Brown
>        new  0f681af   changes in comments only
>        new  5e573d9   changes mostly in comments only; criterium -> criterion
>        new  98528e5   imported ublas to shark and removed most of it's features
>        new  5233afa   sorry :(
>        new  e543954   altered the svm solver another time
>        new  bcf1d7f   quick fix for multi-class trainers; disabled shrinking for "max-loss" machines.
>        new  8598934   hacked in support for different regularization parameters
>        new  92c7265   changed order of regularization parameters...
>        new  4689516   reworked diagonal matrix
>        new  20132b3   changed shrinking another time
>        new  65d19c6   fixed an error and warning in debug mode
>        new  9fdfe05   fixed two more warnings
>        new  f6048d1   fixed a LOT of warnings in ublas
>        new  74922f3   fixed last ublas warnings
>        new  0345529   removed another 3400 lines of ublas code
>        new  55e71f9   another intermediate step
>        new  860fca4   - improved docs - svnignore
>        new  c26ccfe   fixed small bug in Dataset
>        new  0b6e3eb   deafault name added
>        new  1fd3605   fixed a small bug in the libsvm import and added a bit of parallelization
>        new  63efe17   added missing include statement
>        new  b5a407a   various cleanup
>        new  c79d877   fixed compile error
>        new  f867420   checked for and removed warnings on MSVC 10
>        new  6d72aa1   rewrote parts of the RBM package
>        new  61aff46   added .gitignore for git users
>        new  2f28d37   The netlib dependendy should now be obsolete.
>        new  05b12f9   added some preliminary documentation
>        new  32be625   generic "archive" wrapper for objective functions added
>        new  999c4d0   fixed and reactivated the TSP example program
>        new  eaecebf   First step towards including example code in tutorials. The tut2rst program does the macro replacement. The nearestNeighbor.tut contains the new tutorial source. KNNTutorial.cpp contains new marker comments.
>        new  6476a91   up
>        new  3010e91   typo fixed
>        new  18d7cf2   improved computation time for dense vectors
>        new  ddc990d   added new dense kernel optimization
>        new  69f22ac   added new functionality to C-Svms
>        new  0e88399   small speed improvement of jaakkolla heuristic in th sparse hack. it's hacky though
>        new  b516794   Added Sørens algorithmic improvements
>        new  21fe9e3   hopefully fixed an error in C++11
>        new  33b86f1   removed temporary files
>        new  e5acff3   added AE tutorial, still needs review
>        new  2ec56ce   up
>        new  9006460   small update of tutorial
>        new  1d17df3   size_t
>        new  f802244   made output directory same as directory of the binary
>        new  f41226e   revision, e.g., added transformation functions
>        new  acaf640   typos corrected, bug #70 fixed
>        new  2cb8dae   typo in parameter description
>        new  560038d   up
>        new  ff8b97f   add possibility to modify the linear part of an svm solution
>        new  b71c193   sorry for compile error...cleaned up my mess. also fixed small error in nw example
>        new  d783b0a   fixed error in example
>        new  9b8ca98   fixed an error introduced by the change of the line search behavior
>        new  d00025a   fixed Loo error. sorry
>        new  f75dffb   added special case for rank deficieent SVM problems
>        new  dd029a1   Fix Trainers_NBClassifier test failure
>        new  d753c8c   RBM Doku
>        new  d8b921e   fixed shuffle on VC08
>        new  e708810   added squared hinge loss C-SVM and an alternative way to compute the bias
>        new  6deab6a   fixed a small interface error in the distributions
>        new  8aaf28d   fixed bug in hello world tutorial
>        new  c425848   typo
>        new  3dc27f5   updated cross-validation
>        new  e5c2f77   small fixes, mostly releated to documentation
>        new  e6d965e   added automatic code snippet inclusion to documentation
>        new  8b62185   some fuckups with git...
>        new  e451a87   ported the first_steps tutorials to the new system
>        new  6d24621   ported tutorial code as well
>        new  f639794   filename as option
>        new  5074d4a   some fixes, started working on tutorials (little progress)
>        new  323dcee   doxy
>        new  095785d   fixed link to general optimization task tutorial
>        new  5652c41   bla
>        new  bc152db   fixed stupid bug in CMA
>        new  d189fe7   fixed stupid bug in CMA
>        new  e6ef56d   updates of the tutorials, work in progress
>        new  cdb4de0   updates, read files via command line, prepared for new tutorial system
>        new  4db2b27   ported some more tutorials
>        new  893562c   typo
>        new  7a90be0   typos
>        new  1d4b107   typo
>        new  08be17c   RBM doku
>        new  8a1bf94   up
>        new  76c6fb0   atlas headers
>        new  9b884fa   mark_as_advanced
>        new  bcb804b   command added for including whole source files
>        new  3508b94   typo in comment
>        new  ce1229f   fixed out of source builds for doc
>        new  ed146a8   started to rewrite linalg tutorial and fixed lda
>        new  eedfe17   svnignore for new tut2rst, and some small corrections to tutorial and sphinx config
>        new  5b66fd0   added boost dirs to top level
>        new  7da97f2   commented message out
>        new  85cc5a5   web server tutorial stub added
>        new  847a545   various improvements to the linAlg tutorial
>        new  dac1794   renamed tutorials .cpp->.tpp and automatically strip the tags from them with a conversion tpp->cpp#
>        new  ac747d7   fixed a problem with broken ;
>        new  0744a98   fixd problems with regenerated examples after cmake run
>        new  a5a9f5a   updated .gitignore
>        new  3e9cc79   hopefully fixed the problem with shuffle
>        new  816f51d   adapted filenames to point to the new examples
>        new  4fa5256   fixed tut2rst such that cmake now fails when the run was not successful
>        new  0e80031   updated elm tutorial
>        new  0f56eab   updated ffnet tutorial
>        new  deeecc6   fixed broken cma tut
>        new  6934e5e   syntax error fixed
>        new  0cabda0   multi-task learning example added, still buggy
>        new  38ae85a   some preliminary bug fixed, need to convert to MultiTaskKernel to batch interface
>        new  7e2c1ae   ported and updated CART tutorial
>        new  946e5ce   updated pca tutorial
>        new  4d27da4   fixd bugs in MultiTaskKernel
>        new  d537b52   ported kmeans and rf tutorial
>        new  f73dcb9   ported svm tutorial
>        new  cad8b2a   ported CSVMGridSearchTutorial
>        new  851e5ac   ported Sparse Autoencoder tutorial
>        new  1975c25   just renamed the rbm module as it does not contain any code
>        new  71a8bd2   // we should move to Boost.Signals2 #define BOOST_SIGNALS_NO_DEPRECATION_WARNING 1
>        new  9c22549   small cosmetic changes
>        new  cdf045c   fixed case for svmProblems that for the subproblem of the workingset the second derivative was numerically 0
>        new  b94c587   added new McSVM solver for box constrained svms (split from the big one)
>        new  5bb3373   added temporary fix for boxconstrained SVM problems
>        new  4f8c946   various fixes
>        new  435ee01   added /opt/local hint for ATLAS
>        new  40c0064   fixed various bugs in nearly unused shark code
>        new  0705227   changed naming scheme of variables in the trainer to match the standard m_ scheme
>        new  f3e17f3   unified shrinking counter in QpSolver.h and fixed a hard to find bug on the way...
>        new  adb583a   solver now returns the unpermuted solution and uss the QpSolver interface
>        new  5aad7e8   random clean up and ported the LLW trainer to the new solver
>        new  a845b25   cleanup
>        new  fa021e9   update
>        new  b81c5c6   * added more svn ignores * update of Shark.dox.in to current doxygen version * removed unneeded and misleading lines from conf.py.in * improved tutorials on doc system * tiny change to installation instructions
>        new  9ffe5e3   svn ignore
>        new  79ab811   * correct small bug in sphinx markup
>        new  9cfea62   * svn ignore for in-doc doc builds * included webserver tutorial in overview files * fixed bug in troubleshooting page
>        new  93a6979   * removed obsolete fullyweightedsum kernel from docs (was removed from code earlier)
>        new  1757238   clean delete of mkl-ckf.rst in preparation for tut-ification
>        new  f5817e9   fixed interface error with Linar Mc Svm
>        new  26ea9ae   eliminate some sphinx/doxylink warnings
>        new  0df3c3e   fixed very small glitch when handling deactivated variables
>        new  f73d88c   fixed bug in radius margin quotient
>        new  3c595d2   filename changed
>        new  2713f6a   removed probing
>        new  366f576   removed probing, added functions to get eiegndecomposition etc. to CMA
>        new  4480f22   minimal update of CMA tutorial, which needs revisionm; CMAProbe -> CMAPlot, has been revised
>        new  f8043ae   removed boost regex
>        new  54469d9   svn ignore for new mathjax version
>        new  cd04ae2   fix bug in WeightedSumKernel.h (m_numParameters not initialized in ctor)
>        new  10c980b   added some new cool operators to vectors
>        new  c7ea4dc   added new helper-function to partition a given number of points into batches
>        new  4db364d   small cosmetic change to kernel expansions internals
>        new  f240461   rewrote csv import
>        new  7f6b1e5   revised tutorial
>        new  31294a4   removed a warning in lassor egression - the timing code was unused
>        new  a51920e   oops forgot to fix the tutorials...
>        new  29e19aa   removed bu just introduced
>        new  4dc8c69   added special case handling for gaussian kernels and sparse data
>        new  3f596ea   docs: update boost link to persistent url
>        new  51a0351   fixed strange error. sorry
>        new  a0b5d0f   attempt to reduce mathjax timeout when offline.. not sure if working properly, but not working worse, at least
>        new  4a39e74   minor typos
>        new  354510b   small doc improvements
>        new  51cd2af   fixed small error in const ref handling
>        new  93754e1   used same label handling as for libsvm
>        new  2966127   added kernel kMeans
>        new  ecd5659   repwrote LinearClassifier to be an argmax converter  of a linear model. works great
>        new  b55c998   fixed install of examples
>        new  c009cb8   typo
>        new  daea69c   added stStructure interface to KernelExpansion
>        new  ff01e84   removed default choice for wSS slection in CSVMTrainer
>        new  2289c90   cleaned up LinALg and removed unused algorithms. also fixed a bug in CSvmDerivative computation. Also moved everthing in LinALg to namespace blas
>        new  4e6be13   svn ignore
>        new  0f7363e   updated mkl tutorial
>        new  d8556fb   renamed mkl tutorial
>        new  309c8f0   fixes small documentation things
>        new  21ade59   up     dtlz2.setNoObjectives( 2 );
>        new  8bb1d58   warning in doc
>        new  0ecb504   added a stub on tut and tpp
>        new  1c5f077   fixed documentation warnings throughout sharks
>        new  7b3340b   oops
>        new  59c161e   RBM doku
>        new  bcf49f0   convert csvm max-likelihood model selection tutorial to new format
>        new  e2441c1   removed One-Hot encoding and fixed bug in BFGS
>        new  8b9b707   fixed a few smaller bug
>        new  3c6ffe9   undo accidental ci of rst file
>        new  fe4a0a9   fix indentations, svn ignore
>        new  da04c80   fixed compile error temporarily
>        new  90e7280   updated description and interface to regularization network trainer
>        new  fdcb6ac   removed thee automatic experiment interface for MOO experiments.
>        new  b2eb1eb   removed Logger
>        new  2091776   cleared Core from all now unused concepts
>        new  38a2b53   typo, but still does not work
>        new  1a8cd5a   bug removed
>        new  086d2ef   added a framework for LineSearch Algorithms. Reimplemented CG using a defined formula (with reference)
>        new  3ae1e2f   brought MklKernel test up to date. still commented out in Test/CMakeLists.txt , though
>        new  035c02f   reduced memory usage of RFTrainer
>        new  8003e47   added parallelization to RFTrainer
>        new  dd528da   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@2922 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  c7fa196   Input type of linear SVMs has become a template, allowing for arbitrary vector formats.
>        new  3a81699   added exampl code for brute force KNN CV
>        new  b82af0f   fixed small bug in the LinarSVM
>        new  0929615   Linear svms now use linear classifiers. also removed necessity to initialize model prior to training
>        new  0e5ca0c   missing test
>        new  9af2645   web-server docs removed from core library
>        new  aae13e9   small bug fix
>        new  6bf70ff   sorry, forgot to check this in earlier
>        new  44aad42   added KernelClassifier and let all classifiers use it
>        new  2dc61b5   fixed bug in Dataset Iterator
>        new  78f4d50   headers adjusted, loss derivative for single element added
>        new  7475593   first version of kernel logistic regression added
>        new  2b1a0da   training with offset enabled, number of epochs adjustable
>        new  f55e8ee   documentation improved
>        new  ead52f8   bug fixes for KernelExpansion (m_outputs removed) and SGD (epochs initialized) changes in headers
>        new  669307b   features are now allowed to start at zero
>        new  8e1ae41   better (?) constructors
>        new  dabe642   KernelSGDTrainer not inherits IParameterizable
>        new  441b6e4   minor typos fixed in the docs
>        new  f3d67e2   BUG FIX: libsvm import now throws if file opening fails. Ignoring this silently and returning an empty data set was actually quite nasty.
>        new  e626459   comment header only
>        new  5a7b5e0   Archive wrapper for objective functions added. Most probably this will need revision.
>        new  3375564   Constraint handling bug fixed, thanks to Christian Aue!
>        new  c42d215   added note on multi-threded libs
>        new  89bad10   improved KrnelSGDTrainer a bit
>        new  55d987d   added new SimplexSolver for McSVMs which fixes a lot of the issues of the old solver. working
>        new  4fbaa63   aded a solver for systems without full rank, hopefully fixed LinearRegression by that
>        new  11fe246   fixed CSV bug and added tests for it
>        new  6bd545f   added more tests, thus fixing ticket #59
>        new  2f30cbb   span bound removed after debate on the mailing list
>        new  10877fc   fixed compil error and test
>        new  7108f26   removed KalmanFilter
>        new  2a19dff   cleaned up LinAlg further and moved lineseach algorithms to Algorithms/Impl. Linmin and Lnsrch removed as they are not needed
>        new  465c35d   removed g_inverse and thus th last remaining invert* function. the several version of solve... are to be used instead
>        new  c22f1b5   removed now unused ATLAS bindings
>        new  27008c7   inner iteration limit introduced, solves some (numerical?) problems
>        new  7ca66bf   ooops, sorry, now it works
>        new  63ebc81   small interface change
>        new  58cbddc   fixed compile error for export_csv
>        new  1784980   header cleanups
>        new  24469f3   made "official releae" advanved
>        new  27ab068   added fucntion to compute the complete kernel matrix at once
>        new  601e0ad   added default batch sizee argument to libsvm import
>        new  419993f   "five" changed into "six"
>        new  5e4f3eb   test off by default
>        new  0571fc2   Fix the Dataset crash with clang on the Mac, and documentation improved.
>        new  f4c838e   up
>        new  8095e25   updated example buildfile such, that changed tpp files are automatically converted to cpp
>        new  a92f540   no test fails
>        new  0e8cb37   no test fails
>        new  6d925f2   up
>        new  2419e75   typo
>        new  8bcf304   doc typos
>        new  3c0b573   attempt 1 at solving these f**king cmake issues
>        new  7c6b966   fixed tpp2cpp target dependencies
>        new  d6c7064   small changes regarding typs and casts
>        new  8329fce   svn ignore, tiny variable naming update
>        new  cf7d043   changed attribute table
>        new  eda10cb   GLPK error handling fixed
>        new  78d411f   tried to fixa few warnings and updated KernelHelpers.h
>        new  31bfd81   up
>        new  e72ba00   made csv import easier to use - when a whitespace is given as a separator this counts as no separator, so there is no need for a 0 as argument anymore. Also fixed a bit of typos...
>        new  0a556f1   fix (or evade via ignore) remaining doxygen warnings
>        new  9ca61a4   version 0 of lasso toturial added
>        new  8bbaa56   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@2989 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  19279ac   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@2990 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  db0c086   Versatility of learning tutorial fixed, all code moved to example programs.
>        new  181088a   Worked over statistics tutorial and example program.
>        new  a5a9a7d   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@2993 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  776544b   improved LibSVM import to use less memory
>        new  063a858   added measurement of wallclocktime to timer, which is now the default
>        new  9823e9e   svn ignore
>        new  09db532   - let Csv test also test comment functionality. - tiny doc clarification
>        new  da4ee43   Oswin's noalias fix ported from the LinAlg branch to the trunk for immediate benefits
>        new  729be02   bad typo
>        new  7195de8   up
>        new  04cd2cc   typo
>        new  15a77c6   rewrote LinAlg completely
>        new  2a4dfc4   fixed comment handling in csv.h
>        new  dcee6f3   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@3017 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  7f69ee4   simple "make uninstall" added
>        new  cabd927   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@3019 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  3c690b4   namespace of isnan fixed
>        new  12f9b67   corrected typo
>        new  c045ced   added operator *= to dense vectors and matrices allowing for elementwise multiplication. replaced element_prod in shark by * or *=
>        new  c1d9551   fixed compile bug for older boost versions
>        new  0e1ced3   optimized Gaussian RbfKernel derivatives
>        new  6b108c1   more missing includes
>        new  819845f   more missing includes
>        new  18c512b   added appending of datasets
>        new  c5be9e5   fixed an issue regarding serialization of Classifiers
>        new  0a8bc41   - svnignore - added repository version to doxygen's 'The documentation for this class was generated from' ... - small typos in datasets.rst
>        new  1f5c021   timer problem fixed
>        new  871ec71   two new tutorials added
>        new  fcd2455   examples for tutorials modified/added
>        new  90f8616   header
>        new  45fdd09   bugs fixed
>        new  a7b28a5   more fixes
>        new  62027d1   fix of ugly "& &" --> "&&" bug
>        new  7af4a30   buggy (?!) third parameter removed in csv_import for labels
>        new  b640802   small cosmtic changes
>        new  19c1ae5   added second derivates for losses
>        new  dca5e4c   added proper prior to LDA
>        new  2278c75   added a bit of numerical accuracy to scaling of C
>        new  34eb585   another timer fix
>        new  8fe523b   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@3043 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  f791dad   added an ATLAS binding for inner_prod
>        new  e041c68   improved handling of nested proxies
>        new  e87a81c   fixed small bug in sparse matrix transformations. deactivatd failing tests and declared as won't fix. Fiing that would either be stupid or slow - even in cases where it wouldn't require a change
>        new  c42c445   fixed two errors on ubuntu: a missing include and a numercial problem with PCA with verz small eigenvalues - they are now ignored as they are only numerical noise
>        new  1cbd69d   fixed small bug when adapting C while using cross validation(no current result is invalidated). Also removed a specialisation that is not necessary
>        new  dd285ca   fixed a bug in jaakkola heuristic which occured when two identical points had different labels. Also rewrote it so be a lot faster when used with ATLAS. still needs some better optimization
>        new  e908378   HDF5 fix. CMake will now test if the existing HDF5 lib has the correct executables installed.
>        new  0de4c88   fixed serious bug in LibSVM WSS. Does not effect final results, and does not effect gaussian kernels. Only runtime is affected. Wrong matrix diagonal was chosen.
>        new  b8532d4   made CrossEntropy numerically more stable. Also changed the starting step with of KernelSGDTrainer to be more reasonable
>        new  6dc93ce   up
>        new  38f4b89   up
>        new  b9c6596   fixed dysfunctional nearest neighbors test.
>        new  6496cd5   further fix which fixes the learning rate for high values of C
>        new  f0769ec   clang warning fixed
>        new  3505606   Add missing flag for Clang 5.0 on OSX
>        new  e283ba0   small changes in documentation removed information about how to contribute / code review system
>        new  d3bd495   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@3061 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  7763070   macro renamed
>        new  c5e87a2   added function for numerically stable calculation of soft_max(x) = log(sum(exp(x)), where x is some vector
>        new  ce1e95d   changed JaakkolaHeuristic API such that original and faster algorithm is default
>        new  db2f118   added AIS and other algorithms to estimate the partition function
>        new  44c5fb9   * fixed tooltip bogus content with new doxygen versions (>1.8.5) * svnignore * some typos * small doc improvements
>        new  a323402   changed order of include files
>        new  5228550   up
>        new  e685f03   added initial random number tutorial
>        new  12ea436   up
>        new  81e33d0   isnan -> boost
>        new  8e42e17   changes constructor such that test work again
>        new  5a42830   fixed probelm when uni / discrete is called with min=max; changed file encoding
>        new  ea9c05f   added comment, removed useless argument from distribution constructor
>        new  fe06dc1   MultiVariateNormalDistribution API updated
>        new  702147a   made CD and estimation of partition function multithreaded
>        new  098ce1e   fixed small bug introduced by too small type
>        new  ab87804   restructured code a bit to allow estimation of several algorithms from the same sample
>        new  c1990dc   fixed small problem that too many threads are created when there are not enough batches
>        new  3a52888   added burnin time
>        new  051461a   added the full propper AIS as proposed by NEAL
>        new  7733c63   added multi threading again
>        new  eb8732b   fixed broken example
>        new  9a27a64   changed softPlus/soft_plus to use floating point precision. had to tune tests to the new numerics
>        new  f85d275   fixed temeprature handling and renamed algorithms
>        new  4dedaa4   GNU linear programming toolkit removed as a preparation for license change
>        new  b940465   changed license
>        new  6a72af2   up
>        new  f697d6c   fixed legal thingy that prevented CPack from building
>        new  8448883   removed GLPK.cpp as it was forgotten..
>        new  ea26d24   added mean classifier
>        new  eec013b   rewrote RFClassifier to use MeanModel
>        new  24e7032   update header template
>        new  8c66770   update header template
>        new  9300847   add tool for replacing headers. will execute it this evening.
>        new  4f44b49   Update existing headers to LGPL.
>        new  7efef07   update of header replace script
>        new  c8e0262   added news about LGPL
>        new  909ad00   up
>        new  b35b52a   up
>        new  a2f6076   up
>        new  bc73e30   Remove all file tags
>        new  81d2a66   adapted for OPenSuSE
>        new  6be08d3   add comment on shared libs
>        new  4d23c8a   hopefully fixed vector for bool arguments
>        new  6b28883   added a stub for a weighted error function
>        new  c18f9c6   partially added code from Kang
>        new  1c0a620   fixed a bug with reading in files with single integral values
>        new  c417371   updated
>        new  325d753   up, typos
>        new  9de5da2   Visual bug
>        new  b29b8cd   added attribute counter
>        new  57da1ed   added feature selection to dataset
>        new  f404b7d   minor typo
>        new  eef662e   typos
>        new  0fd6a3a   bit of clean up
>        new  a9e593d   various clean up and added flip-thestat sampling
>        new  c72ac7c   added support for accessing columns / features in data sets
>        new  2df9370   various fixes and simplifications throughout the RBM library
>        new  7995be5   - svnignore - tiny typos and corrections in docs, sent from jacob
>        new  86887da   added HingeLoss Loss-function
>        new  e9efdf5   added squared hinge loss
>        new  1892ea9   cleaned up MarkovChain Tests
>        new  f372038   implemented vector valued min max to single scalar values as in max(vector,0.0)
>        new  aab45f0   sorry for compile errors
>        new  f41cd24   - added better capabilities to recreate splits from indices: added index vector type to class signatures - tiny: added second level of verbosity option to grid search
>        new  e425cf1   tried to fix normalized kernel test (was unused before). removed now unneeded old kernel tests, they are all in new files by now
>        new  24380b5   reactivated two older tests and got them to work again
>        new  7aed15f   removed FitnessTraits
>        new  ddaf485   fixed small bug in LDA
>        new  4895dd5   added psilonHingeLoss for Regression
>        new  0b78d28   added a bit of doc to the losses
>        new  110418f   partly rewrote DirectSarch
>        new  cace467   sorry for the compile errors in the example code
>        new  35af291   added missing include file
>        new  07dba12   add libsvm-like wrappers
>        new  bb6c63f   remove small typo
>        new  22b878b   remove wrappers.
>        new  49895c2   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@3139 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  a25dd0b   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@3140 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  e29d59a   "inline" added to remove clang warning
>        new  53b3d2a   1/2 added - gives correct results but is somehow odd...
>        new  c7574e2   up
>        new  8445f6d   got DirectSearch back to compiling and cleaned up a lot of things
>        new  783c96a   updated CMA a little
>        new  1c98ac7   I broke PT and fixed it again. Also added a way to store the energy differences for running chains using a wrapper for PT
>        new  da07193   rewrote ElitistCMA
>        new  24d176c   forgot to update file header
>        new  3d1a5e6   removed two unused files
>        new  eadf401   oops
>        new  b21cd41   removed more unused files
>        new  24a58fa   added iterator constructor to vectors
>        new  e93a4a2   further clean-up of direct search. moved a few deprecated components in Save before they get deleted. Merged all elitist cma parts into the CMAIndividual and rewrote MOCMA algorithms to use this
>        new  2fb48cf   missed a file
>        new  fee3fbc   removed empty dirs
>        new  546f9f1   up
>        new  ef0413d   further rewrote DirectSearch
>        new  0c01e20   Fixed warning about signed-unsigned int comparison
>        new  6c051c3   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@3159 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  77f0801   unified MOCMA and ElitistCMA code
>        new  930f92a   made MultiVariateNormalDistribution simpler
>        new  5028848   further cleaned up MultiVariateNormal and added MultiVariateNormalDistributionCholesky which uses a cholesky decomposition
>        new  fbee7fb   minimal test of default variant
>        new  a93d2e4   first checkin of reworked data tutorials
>        new  71758ce   markup fixed
>        new  822474c   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@3166 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  06f30c8   more on data tutorials, this time with a bug :(
>        new  0113485   fixed dataset tutorial
>        new  643387e   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@3169 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  c56a8cf   data import/export routines renamed, examples + tests + documentation updated
>        new  25286f5   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@3171 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  6d213be   forgot one file
>        new  af949ea   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@3173 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  2b210c1   added cholsky update
>        new  9522374   added author/date
>        new  a10c912   added parallel mini batches to the RBM package
>        new  d5c570f   removed AbstractFactory as well as unit tests for it
>        new  385374a   removed plotting function
>        new  fc4dc6c   removed Derivative.h
>        new  cd7ef79   removed Statistics.h
>        new  3cabecb   removed docs to removed classes
>        new  a743e4b   updated ignored files in the doc
>        new  8b222fd   removed SharkDefs - not needed anymore
>        new  3065c81   moved a test file tool to the Test folder
>        new  1705780   cleaned doxygen documentation a bit by removing template specialisations and deciding that detail/* and Impl/* should not be documented. Also moved stuff around to use this
>        new  6f13c4f   redo of commit that removed Statistics.h
>        new  12fddd3   removed the Batch bindigs for boost::fusion::vector, they are superseeded by the other methods and thus useless
>        new  dee7c3c   removed SearchSpace and IsVector to make things simpler
>        new  da9a151   fixed a broken test and cleaned up a small thing which allowed me to remove CopyConst. Also figured that SharedVector is some remains of some old thing we don't ned anymore -> can die
>        new  b74b31b   moved Fuzzy to addons
>        new  d1f3f5c   added missing documentation of statistics
>        new  a1de6b9   oops
>        new  b7ba561   error in gitignore lead to ignoring the examples
>        new  e56e92c   - svn ignore - added quickref directory, it's overview and the first page - added corresponding links to it, updated html templates
>        new  36225b9   Oswin's comments incorporated
>        new  1b1400b   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@3196 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  ba966ec   (too stupid to proof read...)
>        new  c4e31a8   added the first part of the SVM approximation
>        new  d680283   documentation slightly altered
>        new  f59b749   merged changes
>        new  1a2efe8   git-svn-id: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/shark-project/code/trunk/Shark@3201 f06a09e3-3943-0410-8714-a4bb87ba143f
>        new  f4170c6   Refactor matrix classes
>        new  37b5602   fix for the includes. part 2/42
>        new  d14bce7   added test for the box constraint handler
>        new  eee42e6   small improvements to KernelBasisDistance - added a method to return the computed beta value
>        new  6e7c6b6   cosmetic fix
>        new  1a30b08   added a Test for PenalizingEvaluator and fixed a bug
>        new  bccd53b   hotfix.. part 3/42
>        new  b04b261   added Dominance relation Tests and small fixes
>        new  7833174   fixed two reported bugs, one crippling performance, the other crippling the MOCMA. added unit tests and fixed two other smaller bugs. MOCMA has now a unit test which passes
>        new  fac408c   checked ZDT implementations and benchmarked the MOCMA with two more functions
>        new  5159760   add a special kind of cache that just makes sense for kernelsgd
>        new  6cd3d0c   checked and cleand up benchmarks again and added even more tests - now also for SteadyStateMOCMA
>        new  fc6d446   checking the other functions as well and cleaned up the code
>        new  22870cb   added unit test for RealCodedNSGAII and fixed small compilation bugs. ZDT2 fails however
>        new  49ffeee   whoopsie
>        new  957cabd   small cosmetic fixes and made tests a bit faster
>        new  8057499   fixed a bug in automatic return type promotion when the argument was a scalar in binary operations. now vector<int>*double->vector<double>
>        new  3e10c5d   added example for experimental usage of MOCMA
>        new  2d08b7d   added an example for an MOO Experiment
>        new  f540e13   unified mu_plus_lambda and mu_komma_lambda selection, it now fits in the general interface
>        new  469cc48   clean up, improved a test and removed a dysfunctional one, which only pretended to be a test
>        new  860a476   add vector include to avoid compile error on old mint 14
>        new  2aecf28   replaced RBFNet by RBFLayer for better reusability
>        new  004b775   added input derivative for linear model. this is needed to create a RBFNet using RBFLayeer and LinearModel
>        new  3899612   added possibility to only train one part of the concatenated model
>        new  c855144   added a model representing a convex combination based on the lienar model. the main differences are the constraints used to enforce the convexity property
>        new  75dd815   added first draft of negative log likeelihood function. This is not stable as we explicitely compute first p(x) and then log(p(x)). as p(x)->0, this becomes unstable
>        new  fc69123   removed bug in computing the angle of the ellipses
>        new  c7eeccc   typo
>        new  237b936   insert function to set sigma
>        new  499df56   changed to unix format
>        new  03982af   1st attempt to fixe scaling
>        new  7050ce6   added counter
>        new  b7315e8   deactivated for now the fast covariance update as it is numerically unstable
>        new  345d5f7   added numeric safeguard to covariance matrix update, checked that it now runs finee with 200 dimensions
>        new  5f71e57   unused variable
>        new  470552e   updated CMA-ES to match the 2011 tutorial version
>        new  9e40f68   up
>        new  2b7f43f   added efficient rank 1 update for cholesky factors
>        new  6756385   added new, fast, intelligent cholesky update which does not require the inverse
>        new  0264467   a test was failing after the ellipsoid function got changed
>        new  0983f77   changed the Evaluator interface a bit so that it is possible to evaluate groups of individuals. This might allow us later to introduce noise handling
>        new  da11656   we need boost 1.48 at least
>        new  8a25105   fixed small fuckup during another fix... thanks francois-michel
>        new  b3db74e   minor change (mainly for testing, so ignore)
>        new  e49f700   add boolVector/Matrix..
>        new  121d610   "bug fixed" - or rather unit test adapted :/
>        new  b744700   changed separator form string to char
>        new  7d44091   small fixes for documentation
>        new  6bf8a4d   ref to RBFN
>        new  2765f37   fixd problems with dynamic linking on linux
>        new  23c9f4c   added an evaluation example for the CMA
>        new  f0b5ada   made an example on how to train a mixture of gaussian unsupervised using KMeans and MaxLogLikelihood. Works on the faithful dataset, so i am sure it will always work...
>        new  26bbcb2   oops
>        new  21a51e8   Fixed some bugs and added some small feature for title lines in Csv.h
>        new  f387c3c   oops git failed me
>        new  c0786e4   added missing kernel matrix includes
>        new  7c3a386   removed bad implementation of Noisy autoencoder error
>        new  c1b5fb7   made it possible to set the initial step size
>        new  a4b285c   added distribution which samples image patches from images
>        new  3748212   added a testing function whcih checks that the weightedDerivatives method produces similar results as the individual calls
>        new  582f589   optimization for WeightedDerivatives not to call derivatives neadlessly
>        new  8b3d177   added helper function to interpret vectors as matrices more easily
>        new  7e262cb   added model which corrupts its input by gaussian noise. usefull for denoising autoencoders
>        new  4d81863   improved temporary proxy handling
>        new  9d06325   rewrote FFNet and fixed a bug that lead to a crash when the bias was not used
>        new  bb5ee68   make ACF and shrinking optional
>        new  083a021   allow non-const access to basis of kernelexpansion
>        new  c6667f2   rename PrecomputedMatrix, minor typos
>        new  4598986   1. fixed small bug in that the maxIteration count was notused in one version of CG. 2. replaced Gram-Schmidt orthonormalisation for creation of random rotation matrices with househodler reflection algorithm, which is numerically more stable - this is now good enough for benchmarking numerical routines in high dimensions - it is also faster.
>        new  7b6b98e   added a unit test for eigensymm which is at least a little bit more sophisticated. Also made a bit of the test code slightly faster and changed an unobvious noterror to an obvious correct piece of code
>        new  c92e532   1. changed dynamic/static once more. now it should actually be working. 2. added bindings to ATLAS-LAPACK if ATLAS is build with full lapack (new build option for now, until i find a good way to query this)
>        new  5fc0caa   moved the rank one update into the MultiVariateNormalDistributionCholesky
>        new  42f01e4   added new weighted datasets
>        new  2aca420   added the possibility to query the batch sizes for repartition
>        new  f7bbd23   small fixes to the Weighted Dataset
>        new  cfadc64   rewrote problem constructor to support for individual weights and C values for each class
>        new  3abb1c1   added interface for new weighted trainers
>        new  a3c7434   added support for weighted CSVM training
>        new  a398b35   added bootstrapping
>        new  e0da5fe   added cod for the multinomial distribution
>        new  96675f4   added another test
>        new  08994df   small fixes and added querying functions as for normal datasets
>        new  20c2173   added weighting for LDA. Only problem is, that i can't get the unbiased estimates right
>        new  bbafbf3   uncommented a test case..oops
>        new  bec62ec   removed DataObjectiveFunction
>        new  d2a8e1e   fixed small possible compile error
>        new  03ddac1   updated documentation a bit
>        new  02ad80e   added function which automatically rotates another (probably axis aligned) function
>        new  73080c8   up
>        new  4a37eb0   added triangular matrix-vector product: triangle_prod(A,x) which computes x=Ax
>        new  2df3fef   fixed a bug that Aydins build server found. I promise, i will never change a line in that ugly code
>        new  14f0454   added faster implementation for trsv in certain cases
>        new  4a6bca5   fixed HDF compilation warning
>        new  6f6c5db   added loss for sequences and removed the derivative interface for AbstractLoss
>        new  631bfdc   add first version of kernelBudgetedSGDTrainer
>        new  171a871   fix errors and docs
>        new  1dedda1   add projection maintenenace strategy, missing any tests
>        new  fd7d3a5   update doc for projectbudget..
>        new  d98b5f2   revert unintended checkin
>        new  3771fcb   add label order class
>        new  e498174   fixed initial step size of CMA in high dimensions
>        new  e121df4   added two Large scale CMA variants. need documentation/tests but working
>        new  be12b02   make valgrind and vs2013 happier than before
>        new  fa2abfc   fixed learning rate
>        new  09dfa68   definitions of cigar and discus where switched
>        new  f4b04ff   reenabled hand-modification of eigenvalues
>        new  71a0450   fixed bug in active covariance update
>        new  2f02f93   changed definition of beta such that now beta=0 is feasible for gaussian layers. accordingly it is now possible to hav a canonical definition of AIS etc which use equal temperature spacing. These methods are added for easier usage
>        new  b929753   some changes to add momentum and make some hyper parameters more reasonable
>        new  28e95ab   up
>        new  b6a776a   up
>        new  3735c7e   small updates
>        new  2deb6da   improved documentation
>        new  8a43397   typo documentation
>        new  afe3560   added broader support for regularizer
>        new  682fb44   added the huber loss
>        new  481337e   added Tukey's Biweight loss for robust regression
>        new  b3d3a4c   added tutorial to train a deep neural network on a simple toy task. Added various helper functions to make this easier
>        new  896b28b   added tutorial for deep ffnets and changed a few other tutorials by removing lying parts/updating them
>        new  45059bd   fixed
>        new  69ac84a   small doc fix
>        new  3df09a8   minor bugfix/update
>        new  1d270d1   randomly swap loci
>        new  480e2d8   added min function...
>        new  8c578cb   added regularisation methods to NoisyErrorFunction
>        new  0291faa   added TiedAutoencoder (autoencoder with tied weights)
>        new  b2d441d   fixed LinAlg headers
>        new  24dfb10   added ZCA normalisation
>        new  d6ed07a   added Dropout
>        new  c07e276   added 'Impulse' noise for denoising autoencoders on binary data
>        new  82b3cfb   added also simple autoencoder with the same interface as TiedAutoencoder (and sharing much code unfortunately...). Tsted and works
>        new  96c4132   added Rprop with full weight backtracking
>        new  dbc1b9d   fixed svd problem
>        new  f4f296e   fixed small bug in tutorial when reading the datast. Thanks at Michiel
>        new  cbeba1b   remove NegativeClassificationLogLiklihood and updated tutorials to reflect this. Had to add a quick fix for SigmoidFit
>        new  0a0d0f4   mac rpath policy
>        new  f875690   	test for version
>        new  4a3b2ea   make code more c++
>        new  c6498b5   brought the Sparse-AE tutorial closer to the current state-of-the-art implementation
>        new  de38344   removed the choice of ouput neurons for autoencoders
>        new  be9a9a1   -undid the bad decision to have no output neuron type in Autoencoders -brought the SparseAEtutorial and the SparseFFNetError even more in line with current development by replacing FFNet->(Tied)Autoencoder -updated the documentation and updated our list of classes and methods
>        new  979111a   added basic autoencoder tutorial
>        new  72b1b6f   added denoising autoencoder tutorial
>        new  e814dce   added RBM tutorial and fixed some compilation bugs. Sorry for the late commit, my local git repo was broken...
>        new  076833c   rm warning because of double (())
>        new  ad8aec4   added documentation
>        new  3649d2a   updated doc
>        new  0a53789   capitalization
>        new  236bf82   up
>        new  860df66   up
>        new  a7df977   ignore
>        new  1cc4af8   small revisions
>        new  a2bd702   test, added loval js conf file
>        new  c47c598   up
>        new  b036eb1   - expanded on chris recent changes to change the latex \vec command to print bold symbols instead of arrowed ones. In detail, add local mathjax config file, load it, and also load it for fallback local code. Plus all the same for doxygen pages, too.
>        new  67241b1   - repaired previous hacks for vector redefinition in mathjax for strictly no absolute paths (e.g. allowing copy to diku server with docs built elsewhere). seems to work
>        new  7c59623   updated tutorial with probability of samples section. also improved the softmax model as to also work with only a single input
>        new  c5970ed   added mask to TwoNormRegularizer
>        new  9f33e38   add componentwise sin/cos
>        new  1dc08f2   added helper functions
>        new  5866950   added fix in case that the highest index is available and a separate index is givn
>        new  bde098c   added matrix sin/cos for completeness
>        new  774b5d5   various changes
>        new  2f8236a   typo in documentation
>        new  31875d7   fixed missing function problem
>        new  c46f4bc   bug corrected
>        new  a4daeb3   fixed reported compile errors on VC2010
>        new  80d3b80   fixed the VD-CMA Algorithm. Worst problem was an error in the paper. I think it is now working fine, at least the convergence looks reasonable
>        new  f544128   fixed bug in tutorials page
>        new  8ac10d2   whoopsie
>        new  f04dfe0   fixed openmp issus with VC2013 as in ticket #80
>        new  81da003   fixed numerical error with NegativeAUC
>        new  26d3697   added new batchwise cross validation folds
>        new  b9e6c87   fixed small bug in tutorial
>        new  a3574ab   fixed compilation problems with boost 1.57 beta(which does still not compile because of serialization)
>        new  3169558   removed unusd components
>        new  bcc650d   newlines
>        new  21a8fa8   Added the trigamma Function. Wow!
>        new  db73a88   Added a trainer for the so-called reinforced multi-class SVM.
>        new  f7826ea   unit test and example added for reinforced SVM
>        new  e08c1bd   redid approximation of trigamma and added tetragamma function.
>        new  0fbf6dd   typo
>        new  dff461d   1/distance weights added to nearest neighbor models
>        new  eda44fe   change test suite names
>        new  bd9744b   change test suite names, rest
>        new  4aa7671   fixed noalias(x)*=2 failure and added a matrix_set on the way for Data<RealMatrix>
>        new  7f3d3f8   added ModelKernel class which computes a kernel with a model to map the inputs into another space
>        new  e6bbd47   missing includes added
>        new  5930593   changed name to reflect name of inner function
>        new  e7c509e   added optimisation for column_major matrices when an outer_prod is applied
>        new  8bdaea3   various optimisations(and a small fix) for ElitistCMA
>        new  d4b6e4b   after i made another test more strict it turned out that this class didn'tset its proper flags...
>        new  5b3f78c   fixed possible error with parallel Dropout
>        new  dc7b7b0   added new triangular matrix class with packed n*(n+1) storage, also cleaned up on the way
>        new  00df7d8   fixed warnings and activated a missing test
>        new  dcec81d   added push_back for vectors
>        new  7ee37ed   add coverage/memcheck
>        new  9fcfe3d   update test cmake files
>        new  4fd4ab5   hide coverage, if mac was broken, this should fix mac build
>        new  5e2fadc   fix stupid merge error. someone should ban me from using svn. or we move to git.
>        new  a9e1b87   try to fix the stupid bug. its late, i need vacations
>        new  cbee577   linear reinforced multi-class SVM (RM-SVM) added
>        new  24aa144   added scalar add/subtract for vectors
>        new  34c4ff0   missed a header file
>        new  c7d22e6   added regression capabilities to KTA
>        new  a7db251   added multi thread support for KTA(making the class even uglier)
>        new  ac3bdb9   additional constructor the soft nearest neighbor classifier
>        new  37ddd71   added atanh
>        new  ff6c03d   oops
>        new  96e5512   remove bogus and unnecessary file
>        new  e477559   small -> tiny
>        new  719f998   fixed a number of warnings in release mode
>        new  309d3b0   fixed another warning
>        new  8237562   added functor for fitness sorting
>        new  7ac27d6   small fixes in docu and added operator+= and -= for elementwise addition of a scalar. + and - where already there
>        new  fb8bef2   update copyright date
>        new  3f86291   added new benchmark functions
>        new  387518b   added alpha parameter to Cigar
>        new  f33a5c8   fixed bug in CMA-ES. sigma was updated to early. Thanks Tobias.
>        new  dcdb9ab   add valgrind results folder
>        new  801de94   minor fixes in gridsearch tut
>        new  260213b   removed old csv interface, killed warning in IHR?
> The 918 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
> repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
> listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
> been added to this reference.
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