[Debian-med-packaging] Bug#780659: Bug#780659: insighttoolkit only built on amd64 and i386

Andreas Tille andreas at an3as.eu
Wed Mar 25 07:28:09 UTC 2015


On Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 04:27:02PM -0400, Paul Novotny wrote:
> On Tue, 2015-03-17 at 14:53 +0100, Matthias Klose wrote:
> > Package: src:insighttoolkit4
> > Version: 4.6.0-3
> > 
> > insighttoolkit is only built on amd64 and i386, while insighttoolkit3 worked on
> > some more architectures.  any reason for not trying to build that?  Sure, it
> > needs 50g - 100g disk for the build, a 500mb log file, and such.  given the
> > alternative to remove binaries for other architectures before the next Ubuntu
> > release, I gave it a try ...
> I looked at this a while back. From what I could tell, some of the tests
> were failing because GDCM was reading files incorrectly on big-endian
> systems. The GDCM package is built with its tests off, so I think that
> is how GDCM can be built for big endian architectures. Upstream GDCM
> lists big endian support as a "major" missing feature, and unlikely to
> work [1].

I personally creating packages with tests switch of because we know the
tests will fail for certain architectures does not make any sense.  We
do not provide packages to fill in gaps in our package x architecture
matrix but to serve users.  We also should not trust on users on those
architectures since these leaf packages are usually run on mainstream
architectures and thus the packages with failed test would just fill
space on our ftpserver with no use at all.

Kind regards



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