[Debian-on-mobile-maintainers] Licensing term for axc : PR # 18

Henry-Nicolas Tourneur debian at nilux.be
Sat Jul 18 10:47:54 BST 2020

Hello Richard,

Few weeks ago I create pull request on github # 18 for the axc software.
This PR sets the copyright header fields for the axc library, which 
help clarifying that you are the copyright holder and what are the 
licensing terms for this software.

We are trying to get this software into Debian, together with the 
DebianOnMobile Maintainers team, so we can leverage the library 
alongside purple-lurch for OMEMO support.
Our earlier attempt to get axc into Debian got rejected (there is a 
review process for new software to check licensing) because of those 
missing copyright licensing term which the PR # 18 addresses.

Could you please reciew/merge that PR and, optionally, release a point 
release with it so we could resubmit the software in Debian?

Thanks in advance,

Henry-Nicolas Tourneur
Matrix id: @hntourne:matrix.nilux.be
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