[Debian-on-mobile-maintainers] Bug#974422: ITP: mobian-tweaks -- Generic configuration settings for Mobian

Arnaud Ferraris arnaud.ferraris at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 11:26:45 GMT 2020

Hello Henry-Nicolas,

Le 12/11/2020 à 13:43, Henry-Nicolas Tourneur a écrit :
> Hello Arnaud,
> Thanks for those ITP.
> Could you please explain how you see the interaction between mobian-tweaks/meta-
> mobian and existing Debian packages like mobile-tweaks/meta-phosh?

mobian-tweaks is a place for customizations we wouldn't want in Debian,
either because they're controversial, or because they're too specific.

It depends on mobile-tweaks-common, so you could think of it as
"advanced customization". It includes some of the tweaks we dropped from
mobile-tweaks (ModemManager polkit override, .desktop files diversions)
as they were not a proper solution for Debian, and other ones as well
(e.g. USB gadget auto-configuration with networking and MTP) which I
believe would be too intrusive/sensitive for mobile-tweaks.

Same goes with meta-mobian: it builds on top on meta-phosh, but is
"designed" as a distribution (including low-level system services and
components), having multiple options for the DE; for now it's phosh
only, but we plan to offer a plasma-mobile and a lomiri flavor at some
point, and the corresponding metapackages will be part of meta-mobian too.

In the end, mobian-tweaks/meta-mobian are just another layer on top of
mobile-tweaks/meta-phosh, and there should be no overlap: mobian
packages will track changes in mobile-tweaks/meta-phosh and adapt to those.

Having those packages in Debian is a step towards making Mobian a
"Debian Pure Blend", and won't conflict with either of the existing
packages as it's designed as a separate layer on top of what we already

Best regards,

> At first glance, there could be some overlap between mobile-tweaks and mobian-
> tweaks (not sure?) so I would like to get the scope right of mobian-tweaks so
> that everyone is on the same page.
> Best regards,

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