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Arnaud Ferraris gitlab at salsa.debian.org
Sun Sep 27 22:40:12 BST 2020

Arnaud Ferraris pushed to branch debian/master at Debian On Mobile / squeekboard

a5ce2505 by Björn Tantau at 2020-04-10T16:43:36+00:00
Show more useful keys at the same time.
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46de67a4 by Björn Tantau at 2020-04-28T08:29:41+00:00
Add Ctrl and Alt modifier keys.
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e285ecce by Guido Günther at 2020-06-02T10:10:43+02:00
d/rules: Only remove Cargo.lock if it exists

This allows to invoke the build target twice in a row

- - - - -
1b272525 by Guido Günther at 2020-06-02T10:10:43+02:00
eek: Drop libcanberra usage

- - - - -
e89c9b02 by Guido Günther at 2020-06-02T10:10:43+02:00
debian: Build-depend on libfeedback

Will be needed in the following commits.

- - - - -
ec584427 by Guido Günther at 2020-06-04T12:13:58+02:00
eek-gtk-keyboard: Trigger event feedback on button press

Use libfeedback to trigger feedback for the button press event.

Closes: #166

- - - - -
d2989e8e by Dorota Czaplejewicz at 2020-06-04T13:31:24+00:00
Merge branch 'lfb' into 'master'

Provide haptic feedback via libfeedback

Closes #166

See merge request Librem5/squeekboard!350
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40b3172d by Guido Gunther at 2020-06-07T15:23:02+00:00
Merge branch '1.9.2' into 'master'

Release 1.9.2

See merge request Librem5/squeekboard!354
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3ba6aca9 by Dorota Czaplejewicz at 2020-06-13T08:27:33+00:00
build: Add missing gio-unix dependency

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ecfc45c2 by Dorota Czaplejewicz at 2020-06-24T15:51:21+00:00
build: Make compatible with Debian Bullseye

This commit is a bit bigger than it could have: Meson changes could have gone in separately from CI and Debian.

This commit looks more complicated than it should reasonably be. Alas, Cargo is a piece of work, and it doesn't let honest people just choose different versions of dependencies, leading to a cascade of misery. Several things were tried to curb the disaster:

- Cargo [feature] supports choosing dependencies, but doesn't support specifying dependency versions
- Cargo has a cfg() syntax in sections for choosing dependencies by build options, but it explicitly doesn't support selecting on features…
- Cargo allows choosing different dependencies based on features, so perhaps dependencies with different versions could live in stub crates pulled in as needed? Nope! If a dependency doesn't exist in the repo (and that's the point here), Cargo throws up its hands.

This means Cargo.toml needs to be generated based on the build type. More misery:

- we lose the simplicity of just doing `cargo.sh` for simple housekeeping like deps updates. HACKING.md was updated to reflect that. Perhaps that's inevitable - build options need to be like this.
- Some flaky adjustments needed in `cargo.sh` because of an additional argument that can be mistaken for an argument to the exec in `cargo run`.
- Specifying a custom `Cargo.toml` means Cargo can no longer find any tests, examples, benchmarks, or binaries, because it searches relative to the directory of `Cargo.toml`, which is now the build dir. Extra care needed to not forget about them now.

As soon as Cargo allows anything better for managing deps versions, the above should be undone in its favor.

Good side is that a couple bugs went away:

- build flags not always making it to Cargo
- arm64 builds were optional while they shouldn't
- test layouts in unit tests are loaded from an explicit directory now

The Bullseye versions of dependencies are canonical now, Buster considered legacy.

- - - - -
02995277 by Dorota Czaplejewicz at 2020-06-25T11:29:47+00:00
debian: Add amber to legacy distro list

- - - - -
67d89269 by Dorota Czaplejewicz at 2020-06-25T16:17:16+00:00
ci: Add amber job

- - - - -
0735d1c6 by Guido Gunther at 2020-06-25T17:03:28+00:00
Merge branch 'bullseye' into 'master'

build: Debian Bullseye-compatible deps

See merge request Librem5/squeekboard!357
- - - - -
26e0473f by Dorota Czaplejewicz at 2020-06-25T17:45:08+00:00
debian: Require lsb-release

- - - - -
767bb174 by Guido Gunther at 2020-06-26T06:50:44+00:00
Merge branch 'fix' into 'master'

debian: Require lsb-release

See merge request Librem5/squeekboard!359
- - - - -
762e1243 by Dorota Czaplejewicz at 2020-06-26T07:13:23+00:00
Merge branch 'fix_gio_unix' into 'master'

build: Add missing gio-unix dependency

See merge request Librem5/squeekboard!356
- - - - -
4f727796 by Dorota Czaplejewicz at 2020-06-28T17:14:49+00:00
size: Hardcode size to work around screen rotation

Phoc sends output information *after* changing keyboard surface size. Squeekboard adjusts size on surface events, but not on output in this revision, making it unaware of display size at the time of adjustment, resulting in bad adjustment.

This change hardcodes the proportions again to make it work at least on the Librem5.

- - - - -
93ff086e by Dorota Czaplejewicz at 2020-06-28T17:38:10+00:00
ci: Re-add x64 Buster build

- - - - -
d7c7528d by Dorota Czaplejewicz at 2020-07-10T15:04:43+00:00
italian: Fix space and period

- - - - -
ea22afba by Björn Tantau at 2020-07-15T14:41:01+00:00
Add missing Ê key.
- - - - -
c0c666f1 by Björn Tantau at 2020-07-15T14:41:17+00:00
Make f-keys slightly wider.
- - - - -
f3f1d58f by Björn Tantau at 2020-07-15T14:42:55+00:00
Add Menu key.
- - - - -
0c8feb76 by Sebastian Krzyszkowiak at 2020-07-15T15:06:36+00:00
Merge branch 'btantau-master-patch-76686' into 'master'

New terminal layout, showing more useful keys at the same time

See merge request Librem5/squeekboard!345
- - - - -
7ec3053a by Dorota Czaplejewicz at 2020-07-16T15:56:57+00:00
Merge branch 'fixsize' into 'master'

size: Hardcode size to work around screen rotation

See merge request Librem5/squeekboard!361
- - - - -
123faecb by Dorota Czaplejewicz at 2020-07-16T15:57:38+00:00
Merge branch 'italian' into 'master'

italian: Fix space and period

See merge request Librem5/squeekboard!364
- - - - -
f5a52822 by Sebastian Krzyszkowiak at 2020-07-18T03:26:03+02:00
Revert "Merge branch 'btantau-master-patch-76686' into 'master'"

This reverts commit 0c8feb76871f179ef50ca2928f6fc66fd554895c, reversing
changes made to 762e12431d19fad213d3ab6527c3cd2b7d366c1e.

- - - - -
97da44f0 by Sebastian Krzyszkowiak at 2020-07-18T05:43:15+02:00
Terminal layout: another approach

- - - - -
c87b61d0 by Luís Fernando Stürmer da Rosa at 2020-07-20T09:47:19+00:00
Brazilian Portuguese Keyboard Layout.

- - - - -
81344bb9 by Dorota Czaplejewicz at 2020-07-20T09:47:19+00:00
Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'

Brazilian Portuguese Keyboard Layout.

See merge request Librem5/squeekboard!365
- - - - -
88821e2e by Dorota Czaplejewicz at 2020-07-20T09:48:36+00:00
Merge branch 'terminal' into 'master'

Terminal layout: another approach

See merge request Librem5/squeekboard!368
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1ee58ce7 by Sebastian Krzyszkowiak at 2020-08-05T16:17:44+02:00
Document changes and release 1.9.3

- - - - -
8bbaec9d by Guido Günther at 2020-09-26T12:29:11+02:00
Update upstream source from tag 'v1.9.3'

Update to upstream version '1.9.3'
with Debian dir 7a3f8b82779759ba288b75755ba54500250b0ff4
- - - - -
9a98b37a by Guido Günther at 2020-09-26T13:01:14+02:00
Ship sm.puri.OSK0.desktop

This is needed to fulfill phosh's session dependencies

- - - - -
ed93c61d by Guido Günther at 2020-09-26T13:01:14+02:00
Conflict with phosh-osk-stub

They're not useful at the same time and we'll drop phosh-osk-stub from
Debian once squeekboard is in.

- - - - -
a7c3ebf0 by Guido Günther at 2020-09-26T13:01:14+02:00
Drop pathes no longer required due to upstream changes

- 0001-Cargo.toml-update-to-Debian-dependencies-versions.patch
- 0002-popover.rs-fix-build-with-gtk-rs-0.7.0.patch

- - - - -
f9a6d34d by Guido Günther at 2020-09-26T13:01:14+02:00
d/gbp.conf: Don't use patch numbers

Ordering is defined via the series file and patch numbers just
cause manual work.

- - - - -
2e27940d by Guido Günther at 2020-09-26T13:49:25+02:00
d/control: Use librust-xkbcommon-dev

This one avoids the empty feature package.

- - - - -
4c09a0f1 by Guido Günther at 2020-09-27T18:21:41+02:00
Document changes and release 1.9.3-1

- - - - -

30 changed files:

- .gitlab-ci.yml
- + Cargo.deps
- + Cargo.deps.legacy
- Cargo.lock
- Cargo.toml → Cargo.toml.in
- cargo.sh
- + data/keyboards/br.yaml
- data/keyboards/it.yaml
- data/keyboards/terminal.yaml
- data/style-Adwaita:dark.css
- data/style.css
- debian/changelog
- debian/control
- debian/gbp.conf
- − debian/patches/0001-Cargo.toml-update-to-Debian-dependencies-versions.patch
- − debian/patches/0002-popover.rs-fix-build-with-gtk-rs-0.7.0.patch
- debian/patches/0003-data-keyboards-fix-typos.patch → debian/patches/data-keyboards-fix-typos.patch
- debian/patches/series
- + debian/sm.puri.OSK0.desktop
- debian/squeekboard.install
- doc/hacking.md
- eek/eek-gtk-keyboard.c
- eek/eek-gtk-keyboard.h
- meson.build
- meson_options.txt
- src/data.rs
- src/layout.rs
- src/meson.build
- src/popover.rs
- src/resources.rs

The diff was not included because it is too large.

View it on GitLab: https://salsa.debian.org/DebianOnMobile-team/squeekboard/-/compare/b9382c9a1943bf6e4a503510cb1d69464bd76ceb...4c09a0f1f257e835e32bd1c0bacab28ccb41c7cc

View it on GitLab: https://salsa.debian.org/DebianOnMobile-team/squeekboard/-/compare/b9382c9a1943bf6e4a503510cb1d69464bd76ceb...4c09a0f1f257e835e32bd1c0bacab28ccb41c7cc
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