Comments regarding mpi-defaults_0.2_amd64.changes

Adam C Powell IV hazelsct at
Fri Dec 26 06:48:49 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-12-25 at 17:03 +0000, Frank Lichtenheld wrote:
> mpi-default-bin is section "libdevel" in your package.
> The packages it depends on have either "net" or "utils".
> I really think we should think about deciding on one for
> all of these...

Good point!  -dev should be libdevel, but -bin should be net or utils.
Filed a minor bug.

I'm also filing a few wishlist bugs against packages to use this instead
of mpich, lam and openmpi.  I think it might make sense to let people
test it a bit before another upload.

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