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Adam C Powell IV hazelsct at
Mon Dec 29 21:53:49 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-12-29 at 17:35 +0000, Mark Hymers wrote:
> Dear Maintainer,
> A while ago you were asked about the opencascade package in NEW and
> I can't find a copy of any reply:

That's odd, I have no record of such an email, and a full-text search
for "datavision" turns up only this message...  Oh well.

> ===========
> Dear Maintainer,
> it seems that there are several files in the top level which
> are licensed only under contract with Matrix Datavision, as
> opposed to the bulk of the files with Open CASCADE Public
> License. Is this just an artefact of the copyright handover
> from Matrix to Open CASCADE?
> ===========

I'm afraid I can't find any such files.  The "top level" only has
LICENSE and README, so I'm not sure I understand where you're looking.

As far as I know, any such notes in files are an artifact of the
copyright handover from Matra Datavision to its Open CASCADE S.A.S.
former subsidiary.  The history of the code is described in .  In particular,
since that transfer in 2000, IBM has acquired Matra Datavision, and the
French company Principia acquired Open CASCADE S.A.S.  This strongly
implies that Open CASCADE S.A.S. is no longer a subsidiary of Matra
Datavision, so the contracting arrangements you mention for files in the
Open CASCADE distribution are almost certainly no longer valid.

> Could you let us know the situation so that we can ACCEPT or REJECT
> the package.

This is encouraging; I take it this means that resolution of this issue
will result in acceptance?

Apologies for the delay, I don't know how your earlier communication
failed to reach me.

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