jeuclid_3.1.3-1_i386.changes REJECTED

Sylvestre Ledru sylvestre.ledru at
Mon Dec 29 23:49:17 UTC 2008

Hello Frank,

Le lundi 29 décembre 2008 à 21:26 +0000, Frank Lichtenheld a écrit :
> Ok, the whole jeuclid-testsuite/ dir is a license mess.
Indeed :/
I don't need this directory anyway, will it be OK if I repack jeuclid
without this part ?

> * the W3C license you quoted is non-free (no right
>   to modify)
> * however, this is likely the wrong license anyway:
>   jeuclid-testsuite/src/main/resources/style/* reference
>   which is DFSG-free, but not the one you quoted
>   jeuclid-testsuite/{src/main/java/,site/}* is licensed under Apache-2.0,
>   (and copyright Copyright 2007 - JEuclid); free,
>   but not what you wrote
>   the rest of jeuclid-testsuite/src/main/resources/* only includes
>   references of the form
>   which probably means
>   But according to the latter site there are two licenses
>   for testsuites, one free and one non-free, and I can't seem
>   to find out which one is chosen here...
> While we're at licenses, there are a lot of copies of the LGPL flying around
> in the source directory (named LICENSE.FreeHEP). To which code do those apply?
FreeHEP is a big dependency (which also has some dependencies not
available in Debian) which is providing a tiny feature in jeuclid. I
disabled the code using it. FreeHEP is therefor not used.


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