Bug#488148: findimagedupes: missing perlapi dependency

Manuel Prinz debian at pinguinkiste.de
Thu Jun 26 21:29:11 UTC 2008

Hi Niko and Andreas!

Am Donnerstag, den 26.06.2008, 21:04 +0300 schrieb Niko Tyni:
> This package contains a binary Perl module,
>  /usr/lib/findimagedupes/lib/auto/findimagedupes/findimagedupes.so
> but doesn't depend on perlapi-$Config{version} as required by section
> 4.4.2 of the Perl policy.
>  http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/perl-policy/ch-module_packages.html#s-module_deps
> Using ${perl:Depends} and dh_perl is the recommended way to generate
> the dependency. I see dh_perl can be told about private library paths;
> I don't know how to get this through cdbs however.

This is the easy part: Set


*after* the inclusion of the CDBS snippets.

Substituting the current hard-coded dependancy on perl with
${perl:Depends} in debian/control produces a dependancy on "perl" which
seems OK. (However, I did not get it to add the other libraries used by
findimagedupes. I'm quite sure dh_perl would handle those as well but I
could not get it to work and gave up after 1.5 hours. I tried passing
different directories to dh_perl but that did not do the trick. Any
hints are welcome.)

As for the bug: Adding DEB_DH_PERL_ARGS and ${perl:Depends} produces a
working package for me. I tested it in testing and unstable chroots.

Best regards
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