[Debian-science-maintainers] Commit messages (Was: Re: First post)

Manuel Prinz debian at pinguinkiste.de
Mon May 26 11:53:55 UTC 2008

Am Montag, den 26.05.2008, 13:39 +0200 schrieb Andreas Tille:
> Seems to work for everybody.  What I would like to see working as well that
> Vcs changes will be forwarded to this list.  Could anybody implement this
> please (I know this from Debian Med and Debian Custom list - but have no idea
> what to do to realise this).

This should be possible with Git commit hooks but do not know how to do
that by hard. I'll check and document that.

Nevertheless, I think that commits should go to a different mailing
list, such as debian-science-commits. I thought of this list as a
discussion list for maintainers and BTS tracking, and from my experience
having commits on such a list as well just makes it unreadable. (For the
few packages we have at the moment this might be OK but expect growth in
the future.) What proved to work is a seperate list for commits with an
(usually not recommended) overwritten Reply-To set to the maintainer
list, so discussions of commits will be taken to the maintainers. I do
not know if this is reasonable but it helps to keep the noise low for
those who are not interested in every single change of a package.

Best regards
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