JEuclid possible build.xml error

Brennan Ashton bashton at
Sat Nov 29 05:26:15 UTC 2008

I have been building this for Fedora, and looked at the debian patches
and build script for this. I noticed an issue with your build.xml file
at least on fedora (i do not have a debian system up to check), as the
ant script runs if you have it build say mathviewer.  It will end up
compiling in the mathviewer files into the core jar.  The issue stems
from this ${}  for mathviewer it ends up being set to
that for core, and so it copies the files into jeuclid-core instead of
jeuclid-mathviewer.  I was able to get around this by calling the var
${} and ${}.  When
you do that another problem is then added, where the core files are no
longer available for mathviewer. I did this
        <fileset dir="${}">
          <include name="jeuclid-core.jar"/>
        <path refid="libs-build-classpath"/>

rather then just <classpath refid="libs-build-classpath"/>

I am working on adding in the javadocs to the build now, if you are
interested I will have my final build.xml available.

Thank you,
Brennan Ashton

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