Bug#494291: texmaker: Recommends on ghostscript

Andreas Tille tillea at rki.de
Fri Sep 5 06:37:04 UTC 2008

On Thu, 4 Sep 2008, Ruben Molina wrote:

> The attached patch should incorporate the Jonas' NMU, add a Recommends
> on ghostscript (gs-* are dummy packages) and, fix LaTeX spelling to get
> a lintian clean package.

Ruben, thanks for your patch.
I think we should upload texmaker soon but I would like to clarify some
things first.

As far as I can see Jones checked in a patch in SVN which was documented
in changelog as NMU because he did not wanted to be listed as Uploader.
But there was actually no upload that I'm aware of (or am I missing
something?).  So we should polish the changelog.  Regarding this patch
I wonder if we want to drop tetex at all?

Ruben, if you want to acknowledge an NMU that implicitely means you
would like to be added as an Uploader of the package.  If this is your
intention just add it to the apropriate field and feel free to check
this into SVN (feel free to ask me for permission if you have not
yet write access to SVN).

I injected your changes in SVN - just tell me what you think about
adding you to uploaders.  Depending from this I or you might upload
the package soon.

Kind regards


PS: Jonas, I was waiting for an answer whether you would volunteer to
     move to git.  I'm also perfectly happy to move the package to cdbs.
     I just did not because I was somehow hijacking the package and
     wanted to keep the diff small for the moment.  There was not a
     single response from the former maintainer - so I consider him
     MIA ...


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