Usertagging rules

Frederic Lehobey Frederic at
Sat Sep 20 09:27:21 UTC 2008

Hi Manuel,

  Sorry for not answering earlier. I have been swamped in the last
days. Thanks to Sylvestre for pointing me at this message.

Manuel Prinz <debian at> (2008-09-10 14:25:48) :

> one the quest of getting a better overview of scientific packages in
> Debian I was working on the usertagging of bugs in the BTS. I'd like
> know your opinion on the following points:
> 1. What to do with closed ITPs? I do not see any point in having them
> tagged, so I propose to remove all usertags when they hit the archive.

  Definitely yes. Moreover there are problems with debbugs when the
ITP is archived. See and I talked about these bugs with Don
Armstrong at Debconf this year (mentionned during the talk so should
be on tape). He his aware of them and intend to address them some day.

> seperating them. I have a script to detect the ITP bugs that where
> closed when the package hit the archive, so removing their usertags can
> be automated in the future. This would allow us to see just the

  Yes, great. Please enable this.

> 2. Changing to "field..x": Some (old) bug have usertags such as
> "biology", whereas "field..biology" seems to be the recently used term.
> While changing those to their "field" correspondent, I saw that all of
> them where archived. I'd like to change those but am not sure if the
> "field" notation is the consensus.

  Please do so, unless you are hit by the above bugs. I remember I
tried to clean everything out earlier (one year ago) and then faced
the said bugs.

> 3. Some bugs carry tags such as "fortran" or "rfs". I'd like to remove
> the "fortran" tags as this does not help in any way but I am not sure if
> we should use an "rfs" tag. I think sponsoring request will go to this
> list in most cases, or does anyone watch for packages to sponsor via
> this usertag? If not, I'd remove that too.

  No strong feelings about this. Do the way you prefer (either keep or
remove the tag). The original idea was to point at packages when thay
were in Nowadays, such a mechanism is redundant
with the sentinel task pages.

Thanks for your work on usertags,

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