Bug#538369: [wordnet] wordnet fails to install because of unmet wordnet-base dependency

Riccardo Stagni unriccio at email.it
Mon Aug 3 19:29:23 UTC 2009

I gave a quick look to this issue and it seems to be (in)directly caused
by a build error:

testing excuses:
"wordnet is not yet built on amd64: 1:3.0-15 vs 1:3.0-16"

build logs for wordnet

The cause seems #529491:

Packages version:

I think happened something like this:
Andreas uploaded wordnet source package version 1:3.0-16, and buildd(s)
started compiling binary packages. wordnet-base got uploaded immediatly as
it's an arch:all package, while wordnet on amd64 buildd was unable to
finish and wasn't uploaded.

The apt-cache policy output shows Lior Chen is using unstable ["where
things like this happens"(TM)]. Testing still has 1:3.0-15, so perhaps
package pinning or manual installation of those packages should solve the

The problem will fix by itself when amd64 will be able to compile the
source package. Andreas, you could close this report or tag it as
blocked by 529491. Personally, I would close it as it's not a real bug
but something that "happens" sometimes in unstable.
What solution you prefer? Lior?

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