Notifications of your payment.

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Sat Jul 11 07:27:36 UTC 2009

Notifications of your payment.

Your overdue payments of US$850,000.00 had resolved to pay you in cash by packaging the monies and deposited to Global Max Courier Service to deliver to you in your address through courier service to avoid any hoax in receiving your payment. So you have to contact the Foreign Operations Dept and submit your full state information to him via his e-mail address below.

The contacts Person . Mr. Daniel Johnson.
Email; ( foreignoperation_dept at )

Tel...(00229)-934-765-84/ Fax (00229)-982-60776
Your shipping reference code: (AXD-101-87529K) shipment recipient's (GMCS)

Your, Full Name.....
Your Current Home Address......
You’re Valid Telephone Number for Effective communications......
Your Country Name......
Your Nearest Airport.....

Note that bellowed information's are to submit to Mr. Daniel as urgent as possible via his e-mail address as follow; foreignoperation_dept at

Maureen Alfred

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