David Bremner bremner at
Tue Jul 21 00:19:16 UTC 2009

Brian Phelps wrote:

>The homepage and version for libgtkdatabox is wrong and the latest version
>has been for over two months:

>Please update Debian's links accordingly.  If I am emailing the wrong people
>please let me know who I should contact.

Dear Brian;

Thanks for caring about libgtkdatabox and debian.  The homepage and
version reflect the latest version packaged for Debian. I'm afraid it
is not all that unusual for this to lag behind the latest upstream
version since someone needs to do the work of updating the packages.
The typical way to request new versions and minor changes like the
homepage link is to file bugs at priority wishlist on the appropriate
package (in this case libgtkdatabox).  On Debian systems you can do
this via the reportbug utility.  You can also report bugs directly by
email, although it is more involved.


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