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Dear Friend,

Greetings and thank you for your attention in advance.I am Miss Mariam Dudu ,29, presently based in Abidjan,Cote d'ivoire.
I was a mistress  to late Mr M.T.Fallet who was a wealthy Gold and Cocoa Merchant. Mr M.T. Fallet died on the 3rd November 2007 and was suspected to have been poisoned by his partners in one of his business trips abroad. 
My aim of writing you this message is that immediately the death of Mr M.T. Fallet  was anounced, his extended family  drove me and my only son Michael out of the family residence and claimed that  he had a legally wedded wife that had two children for him before me.
I am not disputing this fact but explained to them that if I have no legal right in the family house,my son,Michael should be allowed to stay but this fell on deaf ears saying my child is an illegimate child because of their greed.
This has been a very big shock and I have lost my parents and contact with my extended family who were actually againt my relationship  with Mr M.T.Fallet.
Before his death,sometime in 2006,he had  given me secretly  a certificate of deposit  of a financial institution where he had deposited 5.5M USD with 60KG of Gold and he told me that all these were deposited as family valuables.
His plans was to use the funds for  engagement in politics later and none of his family member is aware of this  except myself.
I am now seeking your  assistance in order to get this funds out of this country as soon as possible and also seek  your  advice for any profitable business that I can invest this funds on in your country of abode.
For your assistance,support and co-operation ,I am ready to offer you 20% of the total funds and immediately I read from you I will send you more information and proofs.
 God bless you. 
Yours sincerely,

Miss Mariam Dudu

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