Bug#521819: debian-science: New proj dependencies

frankie at debian.org frankie at debian.org
Mon Mar 30 09:20:58 UTC 2009

Package: debian-science
Version: 0.4
Severity: normal
User: frankie at debian.org
Usertags: new-proj

 Hello maintainer.

The proj packaging has changed since 4.6.1-4. Now proj builds
splitted packages instead of a monolithic one, and you should modify
dependencies of `debian-science' to reflect this change. Note that a
`proj' meta package is still distributed until squeeze release, so
this is only a suggested change, not a required one. The transitional
package will be dropped after squeeze and this error will become a
serious one.

You should change your build-dep from 'proj' to 'libproj-dev' and
eventually also depend on 'proj-bin' if debian-science requires proj
command-line tools to work, i.e.:

/usr/bin/geod /usr/bin/proj /usr/bin/cs2cs /usr/bin/nad2bin
/usr/bin/nad2nad /usr/bin/invgeod /usr/bin/invproj

The dependency on libproj0 should be automatically established at
build time by debhelper or any other similar framework you use. This
can be done with your next upload, among other changes: as said, it
is not necessary doing that soon.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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