Bug#527045: libalberta2-dev: Missing dependencies on libgl1-dev, libx11-dev and libblas3gf

Sven Marnach sven at pantoffel-wg.de
Tue May 5 12:59:17 UTC 2009

Hi Sylvestre,

Sylvestre Ledru schrieb am Di, 05. Mai 2009, um 11:23:53 +0200:
> If I understand correctly, if I add these libraries to the
> dependencies of libalberta2-dev, this will fix your problem?

I didn't carefully check the list of dependencies I gave.  But if you
install libalberta2-dev without the mentioned (or swimilar) packages,
you can't use it at all.  The package basically contains a library to
statically link against, but you can't link against this library
because prerequisite libraries are not present.  (I wouldn't actually
consider this "my" problem; the package is unusable without the
prerequisites installed.)

Basically, the dependencies of this package should be the same as the
dependencies of the libalberta2 package with added "-dev" to each
package name.  (So in the list I gave, there is at least one mistake
-- the last package should be libblas3gf-dev.  Additionally, there
might be alternatives to these packages which could be listed as
alternative dependencies -- I did not investigate this.)


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