Bug#521918: pbuilder --build --binary-arch invokes 'build' target

Aaron M. Ucko ucko at debian.org
Wed May 6 19:48:57 UTC 2009

Petr Pudlak <deb at pudlak.name> writes:

> Now I'm just concerned about (violating) Debian Policy (Sect. 4.9). It states
> that the 'build:' target is mandatory. Should I leave 'build:' commented out,
> possibly violating the policy, or perhaps include it just empty, removing its
> dependencies on 'build-arch' and 'build-indep', so that the policy is
> satisfied?

How about keeping the build: target as is, complete with full
dependencies, but conditionalizing documentation building on the
presence of what it needs?:

         [ ! -x /usr/bin/dvipng ] || [ ! -x /usr/bin/tex4ht ] || \
             [ ! -f /usr/share/texmf-texlive/... ] || \
                 $(MAKE) -C DOC html

(I'm not sure what specifically you need from texlive-latex-extra.)

BTW, I'd also suggest cleaning up your build dependencies:
texlive-latex-extra already depends on -base for you, and sed, mawk,
and gawk have all been at the requisite versions since at least
oldstable, with both sed and mawk setting Priority: required.
(Moreover, allowing the virtual awk package undermines the relevant
version requirements anyway.)

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