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Attn:The Beneficiary.
I just want to inform you that I have deposited your ATM DEBIT CARD of Usd$1.2M United state dollars to the Chronopost Delivery services here in Benin Republic, due to I have waited enough to hear from you so that your funds can be transferred through UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA (UBA) here, but because of the late response I now decide to deposit the ATM DEBIT CARD with the Chronoposte delivery services.
I have paid them their delivery charges & insurance coverage fee, the only fee to be paid is their security safe keeping fee of $215 dollars.I will be travelling to meet my boss in south America and I will not come back till next month,therefore I will advise you to contact the Chronopost shipment officer through his contact information as listed below to avoid them increasing their security safe keeping fee.
Note that I packaged the ATM DEBIT CARD inside a magazine where nobody will notice the content, I also told the shipment officer Rev.Dominic, that is ordinary African magazine that I want to deliver to my friend to avoid further delay unless you delay to send their security safe keeping fee.
Below is the shippment officer contact informations including his email address with the parcel reference number, note that without you indicating your parcel reference number as listed below the Chronopost delivery services will not listen to you they will be imagining if you want to steal another persons parcel.
Attention: Rev. Dominic Amacha 
Shipment Officer Of Chronopost 
Delivery Services Benin Republic
E-mail: chronopostexpress28 at 
Tell: +229 96 183 883.
Office Fax: +229 21 32 42 46 
Nos of parcel :Eg2272
Parcel Code Nos:#01721457
Also below is the information they are requesting to deliver the ATM DEBIT CARD in form of African Magazine to your recieving address, this is to avoid wrong delivery.
Full name......................
Home address...................
Please make sure the information is complete as they promised that once they receive their security safe keeping fee within 2 to 3 working days the magazine will arrived to your door step according to the assurance given to me from the shipment officer.
You can call the shipment officer on his private line to confirm this delivery on +229 96 183 883, let me know immediately you receive your ATM DEBIT CARD.
Your ATM DEBIT CARD withdrawing access pin code number is (1144) take note, once you receive the card you take it to any atm automated machine arround your area,slot the card and enter the pin code number (1144) for withdrawal, the maximum amount you will withdrew in any automated atm machine any where in the world is usd$ 1,500 per hour and can cover USD$25,000. ( Twenty Five thousand United State dollars) per day. 
Dr.Williams Brown
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