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Thu Oct 1 20:04:40 UTC 2009

For your attention only,

Good day and how are you today?

I am Mr Ebeh E Sohgnuh,I work with  Mines & Energy Industry-Benin Republic as
the head of  payment approval department  and also a member of project
management committee.

I am writing in respect of a contract fund (5.8 Million Euro) that  
belongs to a
foreign contractor ( Name witheld) who supplied and installed industrial
equipments to our industry.This project was completed in November 2003. But
since after the completion of the project,the contractor  has not shown up to
receive his contract payment and all efforts to contact him OR any of his
relatives has been in vain.

Recently, i discovered that the contractor was among the people that dead in
the plane crash that happened here in our Country on the 25th,December  
details of the plane crash from any of the below websites;

As a result of this,I want you to stand-in as the  business partner to the
deceased contractor because he died without no registered business partner. I
will use my position as the head of my department to update the deceased
payment receiving file in your favor and the fund will be transfered  
to you and
30% of the total money for you while 70%  for me.

This transaction  is LEGAL and  the proceedure for the release of this payment
will be a straight forward one that will not incriminate you in anyway  
what so-
ever.(I hope to explain more on this when i get your response). Upon  
your reply
pls include your full address, tel No & fax No. Treat urgent and confidential.

You can aswell email me through this email address: evansebeh at

Best Regards,
Ebeh E Sohgnuh

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