Bug#549447: findimagedupes: unusable

Ralf Treinen treinen at debian.org
Sat Oct 10 12:00:46 UTC 2009

Hello, I observe exactly the same error, even with the simple invocation
of "findimagedupes *" in a directory with several jpg files:

% ls
IMG_0003.JPG  IMG_0011.JPG  IMG_0023.JPG  IMG_0040.JPG  IMG_0056.JPG
IMG_0004.JPG  IMG_0012.JPG  IMG_0027.JPG  IMG_0042.JPG  IMG_0057.JPG
IMG_0005.JPG  IMG_0013.JPG  IMG_0028.JPG  IMG_0046.JPG  IMG_0058.JPG
IMG_0006.JPG  IMG_0014.JPG  IMG_0030.JPG  IMG_0050.JPG  IMG_0059.JPG
IMG_0007.JPG  IMG_0015.JPG  IMG_0031.JPG  IMG_0051.JPG  IMG_0063.JPG
IMG_0008.JPG  IMG_0016.JPG  IMG_0033.JPG  IMG_0052.JPG  IMG_0064.JPG
IMG_0009.JPG  IMG_0019.JPG  IMG_0036.JPG  IMG_0053.JPG  IMG_0065.JPG
IMG_0010.JPG  IMG_0020.JPG  IMG_0039.JPG  IMG_0054.JPG
% findimagedupes *
Couldn't make directory path

 at /usr/bin/findimagedupes line 0
 INIT failed--call queue aborted.

this used to work with earlier versions of the package. Since this makes
the package completely unusable I will raise severity level to grave.


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