Bug#551752: mpich2-doc: conflict with lam4-dev

Christian Engwer christi at uni-hd.de
Tue Oct 20 22:12:47 UTC 2009

Hi Lucas,

> > OpenMPI has a serious bug that prevents me from using it atm (it's
> > fixed upstream).
> Can you give a pointer to a bug report or something? If the bug is
> serious not just for you, it might be possible to backport the fix to
> Debian.

I must admit that it was a while since I last checked for this bug. I
just had a look again and in the current debian/testing version it
should be fixed. The problem occured when you used composite types
containing other composite types. A scenary that shouldn't occure too

> > Actually I don't care which MPI-documentation I have installed. As
> > this problem persists I install lam4-doc. But the recommendation of
> > mpich2-doc results in the removal of lam4-dev as the prefered solution
> > of apt. This behaviour is imho strange for the average user.
> Yes, since it's only a "recommend", you could probably remove mpich2-doc
> and install lam4-dev back. I've changed the bug title accordingly, and
> I'll push the change -- I'll wait a few days first to see if something
> else shows up.

I think this should do the trick.

> > PS: Wouldn't a NMU of lam be a better solution to the manpage problem
> >     than this conflict?
> It has already been NMUed 5 times... I'd prefer to invest time to make
> OpenMPI and MPICH2 rock in Debian, so we can phase out LAM/MPI and
> mpich1, rather than work on LAM and mpich...

That is true.


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