Bug#551932: mpd and mpich2: error when trying to install together

Lucas Nussbaum lucas at lucas-nussbaum.net
Thu Oct 22 15:12:06 UTC 2009

On 22/10/09 at 16:15 +0200, Max Kellermann wrote:
> On 2009/10/22 13:35, Lucas Nussbaum <lucas at lucas-nussbaum.net> wrote:
> > Decklin, what are your thoughts on this? Would it make sense to move the
> > Music Playing Daemon's mpd binary to /usr/sbin/, and the manpage to
> > section 8? I have the impression (perhaps wrongly) that mpd is mainly
> > start via an init script, so it wouldn't hurt too badly.
> Yes, I know a whole lot of users who run MPD as a regular user.  It is
> perfectly possible to run MPD on login in ~/.xsession, and there are
> good reasons for doing so.
> Besides that, your suggestion isn't a solution at all, because it does
> not address the real problem: that there are two binaries with the
> same name.  It's just an attempt to hide the symptom (path name
> conflict).
> > The problem is that mpd is a key binary in the mpich2 package,
> > referenced all over the place, and it would really be confusing for
> > users to rename it to (say) mpich2-mpd.
> It would be confusing for users if /usr/bin/mpd doesn't start the
> Music Player Daemon anymore, after more than 6 years.  Same thing.
> There are more problems to come: mpd.py references files named
> /etc/mpd.conf and ~/.mpd.conf.  Music Player Daemon uses /etc/mpd.conf
> and ~/.mpdconf.  Talk about confusion.

Even if it's not the recommended way to solve that, I think that the
best solution here is to have mpich2 conflict with the mpd package.
After all, they are not too likely to be installed on the same machine

Any ideas?
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