Bug#549447: findimagedupes: unusable

Manuel Prinz manuel at debian.org
Mon Oct 26 21:47:51 UTC 2009

Hi Niko!

Sorry for the late reply! I was offline for a few days and did forget to
mention that before.

Am Sonntag, den 18.10.2009, 21:05 +0300 schrieb Niko Tyni:
> It seems the standard way to go is with Inline::MakeMaker. Here's
> a lightly tested patch that seems to work for me, hope you find
> it useful.

Thanks a lot for your patch! I had a namespace issue which was easy to
fix by providing the full namespace location of diffbits(). Besides that
it worked great and I will forward it upstream.

> I tried to be non-intrusive, but I couldn't resist reworking the
> sed parts of debian/rules a bit. YMMV there of course :)

That was something that already bugged me and I did not fix yet, so
thanks for fixing it along the way! :)

Best regards

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