Package syrthes - Request for reviewing

Gilles Filippini gilles.filippini at
Fri Sep 11 15:23:42 UTC 2009


I've packaged the syrthes[0] thermal computation software and since I'm
not a DD I'd appreciate if someone here could have a look at it.

It is available from its git repo on alioth[1].

The long description in debian/control says:

 SYRTHES is a general purpose thermal software developed at EDF R&D
 which models conduction and radiation heat transfers in complex
 SYRTHES can be used coupled with the computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

With this package I've tried to solve the question[2] I asked a few
months ago on this list: how to tweak the packaging so that, with the
same source package, one can build either the binary package "syrthes"
or "syrthes-<version>" so that there's a simple way to install several
version of syrthes on the same box while keeping only one in the
official debian archive. Please see debian/README.source[3] for details.

Thanks in advance,


[0] <>
[1] <;a=tree>

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