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mesh adaptation library
 This package contains the dynamic libraries for MAdLib.
 MAdLib is a library that performs global node repositioning and mesh
 adaptation by local mesh modifications on tetrahedral or triangular
 meshes. It is designed to frequently adapt the mesh in transient
 computations. MAdLib is written in C++.
 The adaptation procedure is driven by two objectives:
 - make the edge lengths as close as possible to a (non-homogenous)
   prescribed length,
 - maintain a satisfying element quality everywhere.
 MAdLib can be used in transient computations in order to maintain a
 satisfying element quality (moving boundaries, multiphase flows with
 interface tracking, ...) or/and to apply selective refinements and
 coarsenings (error estimators based, interface capturing: shocks,
 free surfaces, ...).
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Changes: madlib (1.3.svn-head~svn145-1) experimental; urgency=low
  * New upstream release

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