Compiler Optimization Flags Used in HPCC

Lucas Nussbaum lucas at
Sat Aug 14 07:56:43 UTC 2010

On 13/08/10 at 11:56 -0500, Wong, Stephen wrote:
> Hi Lucas, all,
> We are using the HPCC suite for internal evaluation, basically just
> doing due diligence to understand the binary (we'll build from source
> also).
> You might be aware of the case where Intel compilers can produce
> binaries that are not optimal for AMD processors (it was discovered in
> a lawsuit). But mostly I'm just concerned with how it's built for
> internal reasons.

We don't use icc in Debian since it's non-free anyway. The hpcc package
is really targeted at providing something that just works, but it
clearly is not optimized for performance. It's the same for atlas, btw.
You might want to build them manually from source (possibly by modifying
the Debian packages) to get optimal results.

- Lucas

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