merge of pkg-scicomp into debian science (Was: Re: Maintainers of scientific applications: Please maintain tasks files! (Was: Bug#592701: science-statistics: typo in package description))

Sylvestre Ledru sylvestre at
Sat Aug 14 21:48:58 UTC 2010

Le vendredi 13 août 2010 à 08:52 +0200, Andreas Tille a écrit :
> The merge of the two science projects will definitely not come because
> Sylvestre has suggested it.  His offer to do the move is really brave
> -
> but I guess he needs at least some kind of confirmation "Yes, I'm fine
> if you just do it."  You probably have observed cases in the past
> where
> a maintainer was defeating others from touching his packages.
Indeed, as said previously, I am happy to perform this task for anyone
having packages into pkg-scicomp.


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