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(new) salome-doc_5.1.3-10_all.deb extra doc
Numerical simulation pre- and post-processor documentation
 Salomé is a pre- and post-processor for numerical simulations.  It can import
 CAD files in IGES and STEP formats, facilitates component integration in
 heterogeneous systems, and has a user-friendly GUI as well as a Python console
 with all of the platform functionality.
 This package contains the user documentation for Salomé.
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Changes: salome (5.1.3-10) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Denis Barbier ]
  * Fix a missing include in KERNEL causing FTBFS when built with LAM.
  * Change PPC to PPCurve to avoid PPC macro on PPC arch (closes: #585615).
  * Reconstructed the clean target to remove auto-generated files.
  * Build in a separate build directory to simplify cleaning.
  * Add AM_MAINTAINER_MODE to all files and configure with
  * Add --disable-dependency-tracking to configure flags.
  * Properly install hxx2salome files into bindir.
  * Put _lib* files into python library, not libdir.
  [ Adam C. Powell, IV ]
  * Make salome-dev conflict with old libsalome-dev package (closes: #585837).
  * Rebulid using new default python version (closes: #587387).
  * Changed whrandom to random in kernel python files (closes: #588728).
  * Changed doc image formats from jpg to svg (closes: #585050).
  * Reinstated the -doc package with only usr_docs for now.
  * Combined reconfigure, configure and build targets, with configure,
    build-arch & install-arch in one loop.
  * Added make install to build-indep target.
  * Deactivated -build-in-tree patches because they're no longer needed.
  * Added -debian-dirs patches to check for binaries in the right places.
  * Remove build tree to save disk space during build.
  * Fixed new compilation bugs in YACS module (stricter compiler behavior?).
  * Changed all Python versions to 2.6.
  * Bumped Standards-Version.
  [ Christophe Trophime ]
  * Force Qt tools (moc, uic, rcc, lrelease) to the right major version.

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