Bug#566040: code-saturne: does not byte-compile Python files

dktrkranz at debian.org dktrkranz at debian.org
Wed Jan 20 20:33:47 UTC 2010

Source: code-saturne
Version: 2.0.0.beta2-1
Severity: important
User: debian-python at lists.debian.org
Usertags: no-byte-compile

Your package does not byte-compile Python files. This task is usually
done by python-support or python-central, which also take care to
move files to the right location.

In order to fix this bug, you should build-depend on python-support
or python-central and be sure to call corresponding dh_* helper
(dh_pysupport or dh_pycentral) in your rules file (if needed).

In case you already build-depend on python-support or python-central,
you need to look where your files are installed, and eventually patch
upstream build routines to let helpers byte-compile Python files.

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