binNMUs for switch in MPI implementations (mpi-defaults)

Manuel Prinz manuel at
Thu Jan 28 16:55:58 UTC 2010

Dear release team,

there were several discussions on debian-science@ about the status of
MPI implementations in Debian, the latest starting at [1]. The consensus
was that we'd like to get rid of LAM/MPI and MPICH1 in Squeeze+1 since
they are no longer cared for upstream and better alternatives exist.
We'd like to have them in Squeeze nevertheless, so people have time to
switch their applications over.

One big step in this effort is to change the mpi-defaults package to no
longer use LAM/MPI. We (as in: debian-science) agreed to use MPICH2 on
the architectures were Open MPI does not build currently. This would
need a binNMU of all packages build-depending on mpi-default-dev, which
I'd ask you to do. The mpi-defaults packages is updated in it's Git
repository and just needs to be uploaded.

I have no clue if this collides with other transitions. I checked [2]
but that page was not updated for a long time and I do not know of a
different place to get this information. We would very much appreciate
if you could schedule the binNMUs, even though the freeze is not too far
away. Thanks in advance!

Best regards


P.S.: Please keep d-s-m@  or me in the loop. (I'm subscribed on d-s-m at .)

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