William william_12marrow at
Mon Jul 5 13:20:22 UTC 2010

Good day,
With my pains, I need your sincerity to execute this transaction with you in utmost good faith and trust. I am Barrister William Marrow, a Solicitor -At - Law and the personal attorney to a citizen of your country, who worked with Shell Development Company, Niger Delta State, Nigeria.
I am contacting you due to the urgency this demands. My client died in a militant hostage with the entire family of three (3) because of his disobedience as an expertise to obey with their demands in Bonny Crude extractions. He had a very huge deposit in a bank here and no one to make claims because the next of kin is needed to make the claims.
I seek your permission to have you stand as the "next of kin" to him. As per the legitimacy, will give details on your notice of interest to assist for more clarifications and final execution of this transaction as highly needed.
I remain in contact,
Sincerely yours,
William  Marrow Esq.

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