Comments regarding debian-science_0.12_amd64.changes

Andreas Tille tille at
Thu Nov 18 19:07:54 UTC 2010

Hi Alexander,

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 03:22:33PM +0000, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> May I point you to
> which I
> really recommend you to read?

I can assure that I have read this mail and I know that my upload of
Debian Med and Debian Science are not in the line of your advise.
I admit that I should have given you a warning before the upload but
my idea was to ping you *after* having uploaded *both* packages which
are affected.  Today also debian-med was uploaded and it also has an
additional new package.

The rationale behind this is that I talked to release team members (in
real life) about creating metapackages once we really know the set of
packages in Squeeze.  It might happen, that in freeze time some packages
would be removed and we do not want to have Depends or Recommends from
removed packages.  The fact that there are also new packages involved is
simple:  The Freeze came a bit abrupt and I had the chance to ask
release team twice to do manual intervention (to accept NEW packages
*and* the late update) or only once.  So I decided to do it only once
to simplify things.

This would have been done in any case independently from fixing the RC
bug.  So in fact we can now handle three isues with one upload which
I would regard effective and thus worth to not comply with the rule
you was quoting.

I'm sorry if this might not fit your preference and probably I should
have given you a warning before (and not as I'm doing now in one block).

Kind regards and thanks for your ftpmaster work



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