Bug#399332: RE : RE : Bug#399332: -dbg package

PICCA Frédéric-Emmanuel frederic-emmanuel.picca at synchrotron-soleil.fr
Sat Jan 28 14:08:01 UTC 2012

> The package seems to be very simple so probably it will not take too
> much time to be updated.
> I can do it if you like.

yes it would be nice :) can you attach to the bug a patch ?

To me we should let Wen Heping a chance to answer.
then the package should be maintain like pytables under the umbrella of debien-science.

maybe Yaroslav would like to see a faster solution and take over the package now.

> Yes, you are right, just tested.

Ok so the only solution is to add the dbg package to numexpr first.

See you


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