Bug#773422: vtk6 and #773424

Anton Gladky gladk at debian.org
Sat Jan 17 09:55:18 UTC 2015

Hi Andrea,

sure, if there is an interest in this kind of vtk-binding,
we can try to recover it, providing autopkgtest to be
sure in a functionality of this part of the library.

Feel free to open a wishlist-bug with the hope to find
a volunteer for that. Debain-java team was not asked
for the consulting/help.

Best regards


2015-01-16 10:44 GMT+01:00 Andreas Tille <andreas at an3as.eu>:
> Hi Anton,
> besides this I wonder whether we could / should / are able to get
> libvtk6-java back since the removal in #773422 was no solution
> everybody is happy about.  Did you tried consulting debian-java
> list (and if not would you be interested if somebody else would
> try?)  I'm tempted to reopen this bug with severity wishlist at
> least.
> Kind regards
>         Andreas.

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