Assure me,

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Assure me, 

Please forgive my intrusion into your privacy,my name is Mrs Noor Hidayah a Malaysia citizen but lives in capital city of Burkina-Faso, I am a sick widow have decided to donate some of my wealth to areliable individual that will use this money, $2.7 Million Dollars to help the orphans and less privileged ones in the society for the work of humanity as i don't have any child to inherit the fund when am no more alive, You will take 20% of this fund for your effort and share the rest to orphans, less privileged ones and the widows, if you are willing to accept my offer and use this fund exactly as i said kindly reply me with your data's let me know you more and instruct you on what next to do now that i can struggle to write. 

My regards  
Mrs Noor Hidayah (mrsnoor_hidayah at (mrsnoorhidayah17 at

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