[Debian-science-sagemath] singular 4.1.1-p4: upload to Sid

Tobias Hansen thansen at debian.org
Sun Nov 10 15:21:46 GMT 2019

Hi Jerome,

sagemath still uses singular 4.1.1-p2 even on the devel branch. The current singular upgrade ticket is [1]. If you want to update singluar in unstable to a new version, please test first that it doesn't break sagemath. If you want to test, please wait for an updated sagemath package that I'll probably upload today to fix a build failure during docbuild due to a changed pplpy doc path.

If this is about removing the python 2 dependencies of singular, you could also just upload a new package with 4.1.1-p2.


[1] https://trac.sagemath.org/ticket/25993

On 11/9/19 7:49 AM, Jerome BENOIT wrote:
> Hello, may I upload singular 4.1.1-p4 to Sid so that singular 4.1.2-p1 can set in experimental. Cheers, Jerome 
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