[Debian-sponsors-discuss] Debian fundraising thoughts.

Dr. Michael Meskes michael.meskes at credativ.com
Mon Feb 25 16:53:17 UTC 2013

> 4) One challenge for DebConf fundraising is that the levels and
> benefits of sponsoring DebConf change year over year, (including
> changing currencies.) which is a challenge for many sponsors.

The problem here imo is that a new internal discussion gets started each year, 
nothing kind of flies below the radar. And of course budgeting is not possible 
at all.

> 5) I feel like those sponsors who are sponsoring DebConf are really
> sponsoring Debian, and as such, should be recognized as such. One
> thing I have observed that seems an interesting model here, is that
> the Linux Foundation has Platinum, Gold and Silver memberships, with a
> fixed annual set of dues, that do not change. One of the benefits of
> becoming a paid Linux Foundation member is discounts on sponsorship of
> their conferences. I think this is a great model, and wonder what it
> would take to do the same for Debian? I'd like to see those companies
> that give year after year, have most of their funds flagged as Debian
> sponsorship, and have them get a large discount on the conference
> sponsorship fees. This still allows for local host country sponsors,
> who are unlikely to give again, to still just contribute directly to
> the conference, and allow us to adjust the sponsorship levels for the
> conference without having an outsize impact on those companies that
> earmark funds for debian in their annual budgets.)  These primary
> Debian sponsorships would be a fixed annual amount, in a fixed
> currency.


But please keep in mind that different levels with the Linux Foundation also 
bring different benefits for the company. I would love to see something like a 
company consulting board for Debian with the seats being elected according ot 
the sponsorship tiers.

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