[Debian-sponsors-discuss] visual look of ffis and SPI websites

Lucas Nussbaum leader at debian.org
Tue May 7 07:40:27 UTC 2013


I got a mail (to leader@) from someone who said that he wanted to donate
money to Debian, but was a bit turned down by the look of the ffis
website. I must admit that I quite agree that it looks a bit 2000-ish.
The SPI website is not much better.

Shouldn't we include more information on how to donate on
http://www.debian.org/donations, so that it's not required for donors to
go to the ffis and SPI websites?

Or help with ffis and SPI so that their website look a bit more modern?

Comments/ideas? Was there a strong reason not to include more info
directly on the donations page?


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