[xml/sgml-pkgs] Re: ITH: libicu28 (overriding parts of icu)

Daniel Glassey danglassey@ntlworld.com
Tue, 25 May 2004 00:28:14 +0100

The Debian XML/SGML group has libxercesicu25 that depends on ICU so=20
please coordinate with them before you do any upload. I'd suggest that=20=

the Mono group and the Debian XML/SGML group should be co-maintainers=20
on the package (feel free to remove me or leave me as you see fit).


On 24 May 2004, at 20:10, Eduard Bloch wrote:

> Hello,
> since no original maintainer is apparently willing to update the ICU
> package to a newer version and the last active maintainer did not
> respond to my mail and because of the need of the new ICU version for
> our Mono packages, I intend to upload a new version of ICU created by
> me. It will have a different source lib* and lib*-dev package names,
> however "icu-doc" will override the previous version of the icu-doc
> package in the archive. I decided to drop some parts of the installed
> ICU sweet because IMNSHO nobody really needed them in regular system
> environment and they introduce extra complexity but can be generated
> easy by developers who need it.
> If nobody complains, I will upload the new package in few days.
> Changes:
>   * Package hijack
>   * Renamed the source package, we do not provide libicu21 so it=20
> should be
>     a separate package
>   * New upstream version (closes: #162975)
>   * Cleaned upstream source with uclean (closes: #178201)
>   * Dropped all extra packages except of library, -dev and -doc.=20
> Having them
>     does not make much sence any more since all data comes precompiled=20=

> in a
>     shared library. (closes: #184403, #223010, #233398)
>     Let me know if you need some of the extra components.
> Regards,
> Eduard.
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> anderen Leuten das zu sagen, was sie nicht h=F6ren wollen.
> 		-- George Orwell