[xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#315842: db2latex-xsl: shall suppport vietnamese

Ardo van Rangelrooij Ardo van Rangelrooij <ardo@debian.org>, 315842@bugs.debian.org
Sun, 26 Jun 2005 10:25:20 -0500

W. Borgert (debacle@debian.org) wrote:
> Package: db2latex-xsl
> Version: 0.8pre1-5
> Severity: wishlist
> Tags: l10n, patch
> The following line shall be added to preamble.mod.xsl:
> <xsl:when test="starts-with($document.xml.language,'vi')">vietnam</xsl:when>
> #315839 has also to be fixed to make it work.


I'm planning on fixing this latest batch of db2latex-xsl bugs unless you're
already in the process of doing this.  Just let me know.

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