[xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#336280: [xml/sgml] Re: Bug#336280: FTBFS: Unable to stat doc/dtd.html

Raphael Hertzog raphael at ouaza.com
Sat Nov 5 18:15:27 UTC 2005

reassign 336280 logidee-tools
retitle 336280 XSL files incorrectly use variables in match pattern

Le samedi 05 novembre 2005 à 18:06 +0100, Mike Hommey a écrit :
> > Thus I'm reassigning the bug. I also attach "ignore.xsl" which can be
> > used as a minimal test case to reproduce the bug :
> > $ xsltproc --stringparam trainer false ignore.xsl
> > XPath error : Undefined variable
> > not(@trainer=$trainer or $trainer='true' or not(@trainer))
> >                       ^
> > compilation error: file ignore.xsl line 9 element template
> > Failed to compile predicate
> I guess this is the same as #334784, but i don't have time to check
> right now. If you have some time, would you test the patch and see if it
> helps your problem ?

I tried and it doesn't help. Actually it looks like #329678 because the
variable is in a match pattern too ... but I don't understand your
reasoning for closing the bug.

If I check the Pattern grammar, it leads "Predicate" which is "[Expr]"
and Expr can certainly include variables... so I checked the ChangeLog
of libxslt and by recursion I found this :

I hate when good features are removed because the standard says so
without explaining why it makes sense ... in particular when I don't
know any clean workaround to do the same thing. :-(

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