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My name are Ahmed Hashi, principal partner in Ahmed Hashi Law 
Chambers,  London, UK. I am a personal attorney to Mr. Mohammed Saibi 
who was the chairman of Algo saibi diving and marine services in 
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Mr. Saibi died late last year of he art attack 
at the ripe age of 79 years. Mr. Mohammed Saibi a Saudi Arabia 
philanthropist, before he died, made a will in my law firm stating that 
$5.2m (five million, two hundred thousand u.s. dollars only) should be 
donated to any charity home o f our choice overseas as his last 
contribution to humanity when it became obvious that he will not be 
alive for too long. His only son, Rasheed Saibi and his entire family 
have no knowledge of this. However, I am very much aware that he has 
left enough wealth that will last his generation a lifetime
The true situation at the moment is that the said amount of money was 
deposited with A security Company only to be paid out to a charity 
home. The charity home/organization would have to be picked by my law 
office. This implied s that you will stand, as the benefice aryl to 
this will so that the funds could be processed and transferred to your 
ac count if you are ready and in a position to assist me. You do not 
need to have a charity organization; all you need do is to declare your 
interest and show seriousness.

The paper works to present you, as I will do the beneficiary is 
particularly! Interest ed in securing this money from the security 
company because they have issued a notice instructing us to produce the 
beneficiary of this will as soon as possible, else the account would be 
made dormant since Mr. Saibi was ill for a long period of time before 
his demise.

If you are interested in assisting me, I will give you 30% of the 
entire funds after paying taxes due to your government and expenses 
during the course of this deal withdrawn from it. 
The balance will be mine although I intend to send some o f it to a 
charity organization. I urge you to contact me immediately for further 
details if you are satisfied with my pr opposition and feel you are in 
a position to assist me.

Bearing in mind the confidential nature of this transaction, I will 
prefer you respond through my Private e-mail: hashi_lawchambers at myway.

Yours Faithfully, 
Ahmed Hashi Esq. 
For:Ahmed Hashi Law Chambers.

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