[xml/sgml-pkgs] I reject the spirit of impossibilities

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Thu Nov 22 12:55:04 UTC 2007

Choice Neighborhood Ministry

Lord open doors of opportunities for me through this prayers.    I command all
evil unknown forces gathered against me to be scattered.  All powers denying 
me my due miracle be silent.   I bind the spirit of depression, frustration
and disillusionment in my life.   Dear Jesus carry out all the repairs that is
necessary in my life IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS. 

I command all the damages done to my life by . . . (pick from the under
- evil tongue
- demonic prophecies
- witchcraft spells and curses
- personal negative confessions
- household wickedness.

Let all the parasites feeding on any area of my life be roasted.   My life is
not a fertile ground for evil to thrive.   I command all closed doors by the
enemy against me to be opened now IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS.

I reject the spirit of impossibilities, and I claim open doors.   I decree
restoration seven fold in my family life.  Jesus, make my case a miracle.
Shock my foes, friends and myself.   Lord Jesus give me solution to any
problem facing me.   Trees of problems in my life dry up to roots.   Walls of
physical and spiritual opposition in my life fall after the order of Jericho. 
 I possess the power to pursue, overtake and recover my goods from spiritual
Egyptians.   By the blood of Jesus I cancel every spell, jinxes and demonic
incantations rendered against me now I reject the spirit of impossibilities

Soji Oladipo
cnmin at cnmin.co.uk

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