[xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#496125: Bug#496125: libxml2: security fix does double free / segfaults (breaks Gnome apps)

Christian Jaeger christian at jaeger.mine.nu
Sat Aug 23 18:28:19 UTC 2008

Mike Hommey wrote:
> Could you check what svg file is being opened here[1] ?, and check what
> xmllint has to say about it ? (theorically, it should segfault too)

Hm, I'm still seeing segfaults, now when *quitting* Galeon (but only in 
~10% of cases).

I would be glad for a way to run an application under gdb so that when 
it segfaults a "bt full" is spit automatically to a file I give, i.e. 
some "with-gdb-backtrace-to $file $app $arguments". Can't get that to 
run right now, and copy pasting from the console is tedious and I'm not 
sure it's even broken in some cases (by that builtin pager that I cannot 
seem to get switched off).


(tired. Maybe I'll continue to look into the problems soon)

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