[xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#496125: Bug#496125: libxml2: security fix does double free / segfaults (breaks Gnome apps)

Christian Jaeger christian at jaeger.mine.nu
Sun Aug 24 07:27:50 UTC 2008

Mike Hommey wrote:
> Now, try changing your gnome theme and re-run galeon ; if i'm correct,
> it shouldn't crash. Can you tell me what package this svg file belongs
> to ?

Yes, the segfaults happen only in the "Gorilla" and "Wasp" themes (apps 
did start when running the Amaranth, Clearlooks, Crux, Glider, Glossy, 
Industrial, Lush, Mist, Nuvola, SphereCrystal themes).

With Gorilla the svg file in question is 

# dpkgS is a script which resolves symlinks and then looks it up with dpkg -S
chris at novo:~$ dpkgS /usr/share/icons/Gorilla/scalable/actions/gtk-jump-to-ltr.svg
gnome-themes-extras: /usr/share/icons/Gorilla/scalable/actions/go-jump.svg
chris at novo:~$ dpkgS /usr/share/icons/Wasp/scalable/actions/gtk-go-back-ltr.svg
gnome-themes-extras: /usr/share/icons/Wasp/scalable/actions/go-previous.svg

chris at novo:/tmp/chris$ xmllint /usr/share/icons/Gorilla/scalable/actions/gtk-jump-to-ltr.svg > svg
chris at novo:/tmp/chris$ echo $?

What this file does *not* share with the one from the Wasp theme, is 
that xmllint not even outputs a warning.

Not sure what to conclude from this. Except that it might be a bug in 
one of these packages:

$ dpkgS /usr/lib/librsvg-2.so.2
librsvg2-2: /usr/lib/librsvg-2.so.2.22.2
$ dpkgS /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/svg_loader.so
librsvg2-common: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/svg_loader.so

> PS: You galeon crash with the unstable version is unrelated.

Are you sure? Why? Galeon did't segfault for me on quit before the 
latest upgrade (sure, Galeon itself or any of it's other dependencies 
could also have been upgraded).

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