[xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#205249: We have a job offer for you: quality manager

dill farnham gHversailles at metaplan.com
Tue Jul 1 14:36:18 UTC 2008

Dear applicant

Our HR Department managers have reviewed your CV and reached the conclusion that your candidature is in line with our requirements for the QM (quality manager) position. We shall provide you with more detailed information on the vacancy later and now we would like to briefly introduce our Company.

E-commerce: on-line purchase of real goods for real money is most rapidly growing e-business sphere. But as in real trade, the main business processes of virtual shops are receiving and filling of customer orders in accordance with their requirements, delivery of goods and services. Our Company “Miracle Electronics” is engaged in on-line sale of domestic appliances and audio/video equipment.  Here we should note the specific feature of our Company: we are finding goods that were returned to the shop for different reasons, rejects, commodities with visible mechanical damages that have not affected their functional capacities etc. We also purchase discounted goods or goods in damaged packing, so-called “open box”. All these goods are received by our QM who can access their working capacity. All you need at this stage is to open the box, compare the goods with the invoice and check for mechanical damage. In case nothing critical is found, the commodity is packed and sent to the sales manager (SM) for sale in Europe.

Why we mobilize namely you to work in our Company: 
Real estate, sales areas, sales personnel, security and even warehouses are replaced in on-line stores by disk space, computer programs and the necessary number of specialists. But what is more important, the period of launch and change in assortment is reduced, while the scalability of business is hardly limited. In the virtual display one can see goods that are missing at the warehouse. Taking into account all these factors, our Company can offer some of the lowest prices in the market being highly competitive with the quality of the supplied commodity, as well as with its further service, whether it be warranty repair, after-sales service or 100% return of goods. 

Having an extensive network of our QM we can supply goods to our customers in different regions more promptly because the workload of every employee is streamlined in the most efficient manner.

In the context of today the companies regard Internet not only as means of global partner search for companies, but also as a new logistic channel. Many goods and services can be provided to the client on-line. Our Company was among the first to understand it. We appreciate those who work with us in one team. Our Company will provide you with a whole range of bonus offers and various incentives.

If you are interested in our offer, we are awaiting your decision. You will receive more detailed description of the work process together with the contract.

E-mail : william.darden5 at gmail.com

Thank you,
HR Department
Cherry Hill Glass

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