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(new) lib64expat1-dev_2.0.1-1_i386.deb optional libdevel
XML parsing C library - development kit (64bit)
 This package contains the header file and development libraries of
 expat, the C library for parsing XML.  Expat is a stream oriented XML
 parser.  This means that you register handlers with the parser prior
 to starting the parse.  These handlers are called when the parser
 discovers the associated structures in the document being parsed.  A
 start tag is an example of the kind of structures for which you may
 register handlers.
(new) lib64expat1_2.0.1-1_i386.deb optional libs
XML parsing C library - runtime library (64bit)
 This package contains the runtime, shared library of expat, the C
 library for parsing XML.
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Changes: expat (2.0.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release 2.0.1 (closes: #429175).
  [ Matthias Klose ]
  * debian/control: Added 64bit libraries.
    (Build-Depends): Added gcc-multilib.
  * debian/lib64expat1-dev.install: Added.
  * debian/lib64expat1.install: Ditto.
  * debian/lib64expat1.shlibs: Ditto.
  * debian/libexpat1.links: Remove the old libexpat.so.0 symlink.
  * debian/libexpat1-udeb.links: Ditto.
  * debian/libexpat1.shlibs: Removed libexpat.so.0.
  [ Daniel Leidert ]
  * Removed Debian-written autotools stuff.
  * debian/control: Added Homepage and Vcs* fields. Added conflicts with wink
    package version, relying on the compat symlink.
    (Standards-Version): Increased to 3.7.3.
    (Build-Depends): Added dpatch and docbook-to-man.
    (Uploaders): Added myself.
    (Depends): lib64expat1-dev should depend on libexpat1-dev.
  * debian/copyright: Added missing copyright of the last years.
  * debian/expat.install: Do not copy the upstream manpage (see debian/rules).
  * debian/libexpat1-dev.install: Install the expat.m4 macro file. Do not
    install the libtool .la files.
  * debian/lib64expat1-dev.install: Do not install the libtool .la files
  * debian/libexpat1-dev.examples: Only install the C sources.
  * debian/libexpat1-udeb.install: Make sure, only libexpat is installed (for
    the moment).
  * debian/libexpat1.shlibs: Adjusted for libexpatw.
  * debian/lib64expat1.shlibs: Ditto.
  * debian/rules: Rewritten to make it shorter (yeah sorry, I removed the
    comments too).
    - Added dpatch stuff.
    - Create the manpage xmlwf.1 on-the-fly (there is doc/xmlwf.1, but it has
      issues and gets patched, so we recreate it).
    - Build and install libexpatw with XML_UNICODE support enabled (closes:
  * debian/patches/82763_xmlwf_error_out_2.dpatch: Added (#82763).
  * debian/patches/302191_install_expat_config_h.dpatch: Added (#302191).
  * debian/patches/342684_libtoolize.dpatch: Added (#342684).
    - Further update configure (closes: #439127).
  * debian/patches/412786_xmlwf_man_standard_fix.dpatch: Added (#412786).
  * debian/patches/00list: Added.

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